Monday, September 10, 2007

Mommy Monday: Moving Up

I haven't got much to say for Mommy Monday this week, because my brain has been fully consumed by preparing for lecture, a reading & conference session, and my research seminar for tomorrow. Teaching Tuesday, indeed!

Have I mentioned that she's pulling up on things? She'll even pull up and then stand leaning against a table and pick stuff up with her hands. But she hasn't yet figured out that if she's holding on to something, she can move her feet and actually move sidewards. Often, one foot will step a little, but the other is firmly anchored to the ground. It actually reminds me of rock climbing...when you've got all your weight on one leg, your hands are in decent positions, and you've got to move the weight bearing leg. You know you can support your weight on your hands/other leg, but your mind just doesn't want you to move the anchor leg. Or maybe that's just a problem I run into. :)

Does anyone have a request for next week's Mommy Monday? What would you like to know more about?


Amy said...

A good mommy monday topic would be how you find time for Fish on top of being a scientist and a mommy. I find that after working a whole day, taking care of my son, cookng dinner, putting him to bed, I have about 15 minutes right before bed that I use to decompress. Not much time or energy for dear husband. Being a mommy alone takes it all out of me.

Writer Chica said...

I'd love to hear how Minnow and Princess Pup get along :)

ScienceWoman said...

Great ideas! Maybe I'll see if Fish wants to guest-blog and share his opinion...

Sara said...

i was going to suggest something like what amy said. it is one of the things i wonder about as we discuss the when of having a kid.

MommyProf said...

How is your daycare situation? Great, or just tolerable?

I ADORE the superpower bug, btw.

Jenn said...

Would love to hear more about balance with fish, and also how Minnow is adjusting to a new house and new daycare environment.

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