Saturday, August 25, 2007

When you feel like blogging

...but are too brain-dead to think, you do a meme!
This one courtesy of phd me

4 jobs I've had in my life
- economics tutor
- webmaster
- intern
- assistant professor!

4 places I've lived
- Utopia
- Mystery City
- Australia
- Midwest

4 favorite foods
- ice cream (but not now)
- tomato sauce (but not now)
- fresh mozzarella (but not now)
- hot chocolate (but not now)

4 places I'd rather be
- anywhere it's not 95+ degrees
- in the mountains
- on a sailboat
- on a raft in a river

4 movies I can watch over and over
- Princess Bride
- The whole nine yards
- mary poppins
- Pride and Prejudice (BBC miniseries)

4 TV shows I like to watch
- Gilmore Girls (but the last season was really disappointing)
- Jeopardy
- America's Next Top Model (my guilty pleasure)
- don't watch much TV anymore - I like to listen to NPR

4 websites I view daily
- bloglines
- gmail
- university home page
- google

4 computers I've owned
- an Acer
- a Compaq laptop
- a generic laptop
that's it

4 reasons I love what I do

- the variety
- the challenge of solving puzzles
- flexibility of when (but not how much) I work
- I like to make graphs!

4 reasons I don't
- the tremendous time required
- the feeling of inadequacy that sneaks up on me
- writing multiple choice exams
- students who write emails at 10 pm and expect a response by 10:30 pm

4 books I want to read again
- The Red Tent
- Rising Tide
- The Scarlet Letter
- The Boxcar Children

4 books I never need read again
- The Book of Margery Kempe
- Any Michael Crichton book
- The Babysitter's Club books
- anything by Stephen King

4 things that make me laugh
- Minnow's funny expressions
- people's blogs and the comments on them
- when Fish tickles me
- Bill Bryson (phd me mentioned him, but I just finished reading A Walk in the Woods so it's appropriate)

4 things that make me cry
- when Minnow cries when I leave her at daycare
- being desparately tired and not being able to get Minnow to go to sleep
- stories of babies/children/mommies hurting and losing each other
- when the dog dies in a book or movie

4 things I'm going to do this (academic) year
- survive
- submit two papers
- sneak away from work occasionally to play with Minnow
- hope to get a grant or two funded so I can attract a grad student


phd me said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
phd me said...

I laughed constantly when I was reading A Walk in the Woods. The part about bears...oh dear, makes me laugh just thinking about it. Have you read In A Sunburned Country? It's hysterical and since you've lived in Australia, you might enjoy it on a whole new level!

(and the "oops" above was me - my fingers are having issues tonight!)

ScienceWoman said...

phd me - yes, I loved In A Sunburned Country. He was spot on in some of his descriptions of places.

RJ said...

Reading a Walk in the Woods motivated me to go hiking. I planned a 4 day trip for 8 people and we walked the Milford Track.

I'm looking forward to Mommy Monday post and the latest news of Minnow and her all round delightfulness.

ScienceWoman said...

rj - I would love to trek the Milford Track. I took a cruise on the sound and was absolutely enchanted. But when I set off to do a dayhike on the Kepler Track a few days later, I got so thoroughly soaked that I ended up hypothermic. Not fun.

Anyways, hope you enjoy the mommy monday post I just put up.

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