Friday, August 03, 2007

Week 1 on campus

I actually made it to campus this week. Got keys to my office. Got some boxes unloaded. Got my faculty ID card (worst picture ever) and filled out paperwork for human resources. Bought a book on the local -ology. Met with my new grad student. And a prospective student. Tried to get my computers working and alerted the techician to all the glitches. Got Minnow started a daycare (she refused a bottle on day 1, but took two on day 2) and learned how to get from daycare to campus. Discovered that, despite living six miles from campus, I'll need to leave at least an hour before I want to be there, if I have to drop Minnow off at daycare.

Actually, that's not a bad set of accomplishments for what amounts to two 1/2 days. But I already feel behind.

I need to...
  • (Figure out how to) order a textbook for my class.
  • Write a syllabus for said class.
  • Find out what the requirements are for our PhD program, so that I can properly advise my student.
  • Find out how to list a reading and conference type class.
  • Start writing a grant proposal for the state -ology grant program. On what, I don't know...
  • Finish the revisions on a paper.
  • Study the benefits paperwork and get signed up.
  • Find out when my first paycheck is arriving.
  • Get a parking permit.
  • etc. etc.
But I suspect that such a list is typical and only gets worse as the semester goes on.

A few observations:
  • It's interesting that I only ran into one other faculty member during my time in the department. Either everyone's enjoying the last few weeks of summer, working at home, in the field, or just keeping their office doors closed. I sincerely hope it's the first or third options, because that's the sort of department that I want to be part of.
  • Whenever I had a question or needed something, I was told to ask the associate chair, not the chair. I am starting to wonder whether the department functions like the current White House - ONLY in the respect that the real power lies not with the figurehead chair but with the behind the scenes mastermind.
  • It sure is different being a faculty member. I needed to photocopy a chapter from a book, and rather than being told I needed to pay 10cents a page to use the office machine, the departmental staff offered to do it for me. I think I could enjoy this...


EcoGeoFemme said...

Maybe I missed it in an earlier post, but how did you get a grad student already? How cool.

It sounds like you are off to a great start. Good luck getting it all sorted out.

Chuck said...

Sounds good, Professor!

PhD Mom said...

To get the textbook contact the publisher directly. They will give you a "review" copy.

"Ain't From Around Here" said...

I was in your shoes in January. I found that it was pretty easy to wing a lot of stuff - esp. with class b/c the students didn't know what they were or weren't being taught, as long as I did my best to construct class around something meaningful if not moderately interesting, it seemed to go well even if I decided the night before what I would cover and how I would cover it! That and I found the ol' maxim "It's easier to beg forgiveness than ask permission" quite applicable, esp. for small stuff. You know what's important to you, so you can stay on top of that- as far as the admin. stuff goes someone will let you know if its important!

I also had a "hater" leave an unsavory comment - they're out there, but probably disgruntled or at least very unhappy individuals! Good luck with everything!

brother said...

Hi sister - glad to hear you are getting settled in.

Take care,

sablelemarr said...

...Good for you! Mrs. Professor! How exciting! What a brilliant woman you are...