Thursday, August 30, 2007

Being a professor - week 2: now in bullets

  • First student visit during office hours: He wanted to know how I reconciled a belief in God with what I'd been teaching that morning. Come on guys, give me a few softballs first to warm up, will you?
  • Best way to make your students like you: Make it look like you give a lot of extra credit, even if its just a sneaky way of getting them to learn things and won't affect their grade much in the end. They'll think you're easy. (Until they take their first quiz this weekend.)
  • Coolest meaningless thing: I got an email (to my old address) from someone whose work I had cited. She had seen that I'd cited her, googled me, and wanted to offer me a post-doc on an interesting (and funded) project. Too bad something like that didn't fall in my lap a year ago.
  • Wow moment: Turning on my big expensive piece of equipment for the first time today. Oh, and I turned on my hood too. Just to see if it was hooked up. It was, but the air and vacuum jets weren't.
  • Most serious time crunch: I have a preproposal due in in 19 hours and 5 minutes. I don't think I've got a single senetence written yet that I'd actually dare turn in. Plus, I haven't done a literature review. (Hence this blog procrastination)
  • Most annoying computer thing (to make Skookumchick feel a bit better): University laptop won't let me install iTunes because of the way they have the my documents folder set up. Despite the fact that I am an administrator on the machine, they disabled every work-around that I (and the iTunes help site) can come up with. I turned in a university tech "ticket" on Monday and they've yet to get back to me.
  • Most time-consuming computer annoyance of the week (also to make Skookumchick feel better): 1.5 hours spent installing and uninstalling various versions of Java so that Blackboard Vista would stop giving me error messages every single second.
  • Proudest moment of the week: digging out my pre-pregnancy skinny pants and fitting into every single pair, some with room to spare. Our scale batteries died during the move, but I'd guess I am below my pre-pregnancy weight by a couple of pounds.
  • Most fun: Getting a bit drunk at the university president's faculty receptions. Mmm, fruity liqueurs, how I have missed thee.
  • Minnow's biggest accomplishment: Cutting her first tooth. She tops all of my accomplishments hands down.


e. said...

My congratulations to Minnow! Pictures?

Rebecca said...

How did you answer that student's question?!

Writer Chica said...

Sounds like a good week. I laughed at that student question. I bet that question was unexpected!

bummer about the computer probs. Hope they get fixed soon.

Oh, how I would love to be pre-preg weight. I think maybe after this broken foot heals, I'll just be so giddy about walking, maybe I'll start training for a marathon :)

have a great Labor Day! Hope you get a little bit of a break.

skookumchick said...

So sorry about your iTunes.... :-( Stoupid IT rules at new places. Also, we also use Blackboard Vista - a royal pain. It doesn't like Safari much, but works better with Firefox. I also understand the new version won't work with IE at all.

Because, you know, technology is supposed to make your life easier.

Glad there were some bright sparks to your week. And may there be more in your next week. :-)

Anonymous said...

there's nothing like an elimination diet to help you loose the pregnancy weight... and then some! Congrats to Minnow on her first tooth, and for you making it through your second week.

Jane said...

Yay on the skinny pants and on Minnow's new tooth! This seems to be a bad week for technology...maybe the technology gods are pissed off at humanity? :)

ScienceMama said...

sigh. my prepregnancy pants are still collecting dust, and my little Bean is almost 5 months old!! when is all this breatfeeding-linked weightloss supposed to kick in?!?

ScienceWoman said...

sciencemama - when you wean :)
I think every body is different. I lost much of my pregnancy weight within the first two months after giving birth (but I only gained 25 pounds), but then got stuck 2-3 pounds above pre-pregnancy for the next five months. My abs have finally tightened up in the past 3 months. So give it time...

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