Monday, July 16, 2007

Mommy monday: random bullets of life in Mystery City

  • Still no furniture. I miss chairs.
  • We bought some new toys for Minnow the other day. Fish and I carefully picked out gender neutral toys for her - blocks and nesting cups. What did she pick from the shelf? A cement mixer. That's my girl!
  • We've now had two meals of "solid" food - Gerber Organic Rice Cereal. This morning (1/2 hour after the meal), the internets inform me that said cereal has been recalled because lumps in it may pose a choking hazard. Lovely.
  • I've really gotta find a natural foods store. I had an unopened box of Earth's Best Organic Whole-Grain Rice Cereal...but the movers have it.
  • Finding a home-based daycare (or any care, for that matter) on two weeks notice is *tough*. I called ~10 places this morning and found four *big* centers with openings. We're touring them this week. We might just have to settle on something for now and continue to look for a smaller, better place as we can.
  • My favorite reply from a daycare? "We have a short wait for that age group." "How long is a short wait?" "About 8 months."
  • We're definitely not in Utopia anymore. Mystery City is a sprawling metropolis full of every national chain you could wish (and a lot you wouldn't), and seemingly devoid of anything personal. But at least our neighborhood has walking trails.
  • Fish starts work today. So Minnow is all mine until 9 pm each night (and then really until about 7:30 am), so my resolution to eat healthier dinners is already out the window.
  • Our cable internet only appears to work on Fish's computer and not my laptop. They assure us that once we hook up the wireless, all will be well. Where's the wireless router? With the movers.
  • *sigh*


Julie R said...

When you switch the cable modem connection from Fish's computer to yours, try turning off/unplugging power cord for the cable modem for a few minutes and then turning it back on. I had this problem with our cable internet and my laptop too, and this fixed the problem. Apparently the modem won't recognize that it is talking to a new computer or something like that.

Addy N. said...

Hey ScienceWoman: Maybe this will cheer you up! You've been nominated as a "Rockin' Girl Blogger"! Check it out!

Sicilian said...

I hope the wonderful movers ears are burning. . . . but then bet they are used to furious customers.

sakthi said...

Sad, seems everything goes wrong in your way.Hope everything will get settled in couple of days. Did the movers reached the place? Did you got the router?
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Sonnjea B said...

Zen-like simplicity is easier to achieve when you don't have an upset baby or discombobulated dog and you do have, oh I dunno, chairs!

Good luck finding day care. Hopefully having all the crap up front means once you get settled, it'll all be a piece of cake.