Friday, June 08, 2007


  • I think I am too out-of-practice to provide more than a bulleted list at this point.
  • Our house is on the market. Anyone want to buy it?
  • We went to Mystery City and bought a house. Well, we close in a few weeks, but you know what I mean.
  • Minnow spontaneously decided that eating from a bottle isn't all that bad, relieving some of my guilt about having her at daycare.
  • Of course, now that's she's decided to eat, she's decided to eat way more than I am pumping, so our freezer supply is diminishing rapidly.
  • Basically I'm done with stuff for Dr. ABC's latest talk. But a late-in-the-game literature review suggests that what I've been slaving over is not original enough to publish. This is why you at least do a cursory literature review before you write the abstract!
  • That makes both major post-doc projects that have fizzled out. Oh well, it's been a pleasant nine months.
  • My remaining tasks before leaving this job:
    • complete my review
    • write a quick report of the latest project
    • write a quick report of the earlier project (including doing a few more analyses)
    • finishing handing-off my PhD field sites and archival materials
    • revise and resubmit a paper
  • I think I am going to take most of the month of July off. We'll move near the beginning of the month and then I am looking forward to just playing mommy, exploring Mystery City, and relaxing before the start of the term in mid-August. I haven't had time off in such a long time.


Propter Doc said...

Sounds like it is all going well! Time off for a while is a great idea, sort the house out, get to know the neighbourhood...relax for a while - something you totally deserve. It is amazing really, how much you've done in the last year ;-)

Chuck said...

Even if your project isn't terribly original, if it is the first time it has been done in your locality, a regional journal may be interested...

Anonymous said...

I think you deserve some time off--you've accomplished a lot and you've still got a lot of stuff on your plate. And even though you feel like your postdoc projects have still got that job at Mystery U. So refresh, renew, start your new life in Mystery City, and do whatever you can to delight in that baby.

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