Friday, June 15, 2007

Student-Parent activism: better late than never?

My most recent email:

Dear Student Parent Advocate at the Student Union:

I am having an awful time trying to find a babysitter so that I can attend Commencement on Sunday. I have a 4 month old, and I am receiving my PhD. At the last minute my husband got scheduled to work, and can't change his shift. All of my normal babysitters are busy - many with commencement and/or father's day.

I've called the Registrar and they have no daycare option for Commencement, nor can they allow my daughter to stay with me during the ceremony. I know this situation can't be fixed by Sunday, but for future years, it would be great if someone could organize a daycare/babysitting service during Commencement. The lady I talked to at the registrar said that she'd gotten a similar phone call this morning from a mother of 5. So obviously there is a demand.

Anybody available to babysit?


Addy N. said...

Why am I not surprised that there are no options for parents? I didn't even attend my PhD graduation because it would have meant flying back to my PhD alma mater (without 2-year-old daughter and husband). That's really a shame, though. Sorry.

Chuck said...

If there is shade and the ceremony isn't too long, just take her. What are they gonna do?

Anonymous said...

What chuck says. Forbidding children is ridiculous and anyway, she's finished (!!! Yay, congratulations!), so they can't do anything much to her.

Anonymous said...



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