Saturday, June 23, 2007

Post-doc Carnival

The nominal theme of this carnival was "uniqueness," but even I had a hard time writing a post that fit the theme. But if you allow me to twist and mangle the theme a bit, I'll show you that being a post-doc-dom is a unique job. I mean where else do you get to do all of the following?

Spend your days searching for your next job...

at A scientist's life contemplates the future - maybe moving into a lab management position? Marianne at The Eternal Postdoc wishes that she could return home to Newfoundland. And, Dr. Shellie gives us tips for networking that serve as a useful refresher on how to become part of the club.

...while bemoaning the good old days of student life.
Adventures of a Post-doc misses the order that being a student gave life. Hypoglycemiagirl wonders whether she is inivisible to her Ph.D. uni.

Try to play nicely with others...
Pondering Fool at ...Ponderings of a Fool describes her lab's group meetings and wonders how other labs handle meetings. Meanwhile, TitleTroubles at The Trouble with Titles reflects on the difference one person can make in a lab's dynamics.

...or ponder whether you can make it on your own.
Chris at Highly Allochthonous talks about a crucial ingredient to running your own research program: inspiration, and how transplanting to South Africa is getting his creative juices flowing.

Try to fit in...
Daybyday is finally feeling connected to her lab after one year on the job. While, about 2 months into his post-doc, Ben at Status: +61 has lost the new guy immunity from his boss's wrath, making him regret his choice of the lab. Freely Jointed Chain is running some very slow simulations and wondering why everyone else looks so busy. Is she doing something wrong or is she just lucky?

...or just try to get in.
Alex Palazzo at The Daily Transcript relates some all-too-common visa horror stories affecting post-docs trying to work in the U.S.. Fortunately, he just got his green card.

Freak Out...
A Female Scientist
at A positive spin on life muses about how to survive her post-doc work crunch without getting too stressed out. Propter Doc at post doc ergo propter doc is searching for the metamorphical needle in the haystack in her work right now, but at least she's got a genuinely interested summer student working with her

....and Celebrate.
at Minor Revisions has a reason to celebrate. She's been invited to Italy to share her technical prowess. Speaking of minor revisions, Dr. Brazen Hussy at What the hell is wrong with you? just got back the mildest reviewer critiques ever. It must have been a great paper. I look back on my post-doc time and realize that the best part was getting to have a life outside of work.

Regain perspective...
Incoherent Ponderer
at Incoherently Scattered Ponderings reminds us that the glass is really quite full, even though most science/academic blogs focus on the negatives.

...on life as an ill-posed problem.*
at Adventures in Applied Math took on my "uniqueness" challenge and reflected on the random conversation that changed her life. (*Rebecca's got the definition for this phrase in her post. )

Thanks to everyone who contributed posts (knowingly or not!). Thanks to post-doc at Minor Revisions for compiling such a great carnival last time (links heavily visited for this one). Thanks to Propter Doc for organizing the whole thing.

The next carnival will be July 23rd at The Daily Transcript. Information on the carnival can be found at What's Up, Post-doc?. And, no, you are not too busy to post or host.


A Female Scientist said...

Great job with the carnival. Hurray to you for managing all the very busy things going on your life right now.
PS: Thanks for mentioning me in the carnival even though I don't write so often.

Dr. Brazen Hussy said...

Great job! And thank you for including me!

chemist said...

Brilliant concept!

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