Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Scientiae #6

Welcome to the 6th edition of Scientiae, the carnival by, for, and about women in science, engineering, technology, and math! I arbitrarily picked a theme of “mothers and others, those who influenced us along the way” and I got some great posts on the theme topic. But I also saw a ton of great posts on other topics as well, so read all the way through this carnival.

Magificent Mothers (and Dads, too)

Four bloggers took up the challenge to tell us about their mothers. Zuska at Thus Spaek Zuska tells us how her mom convinced her to retake calculus and how that made all the difference in becoming an engineer. Jenny F. Scientist at A Natural Scientist sings the praises of her normal, sane parents. Janet at Adventures in Ethics and Science presents a great interview with her mother (parts 1, 2, 3), who went back to school for astronomy when she had four young kids. (I’m impressed - Super Sally deserves her moniker.) Finally, I offer tribute to my mother, giving the top ten reasons she’s my hero.

Mentors of all shapes and sizes

Lost Clown at Angry for a Reason shares how she migrated from feminist theory to mathematics. Those of us who are/will be professors should strive to emulate the amazing physics professor who helped her along the way. Estraven at Proving Theorems recalls the algebraic topology professor who taught her how many holes a pretzel has and that a woman professor doesn’t have to look pretty to be a fantastic teacher and role mode.

Skookumchick from Rants of a Feminist Engineer from took a break from editing her dissertation to tell us about the Young Women’s Network that’s helped her through grad school. Pat at FairerScience commends Geena Davis for striving to ensure girls see more than boys and princesses when they turn on a movie or T.V. While we’re talking about Hollywood, Jokerine of hdreioplus.de explains why even though she’s not an actress, she’s just as deserving of fan mail.

Somebody needs to do a little mentoring for the male-dominated membership of the NAS. This year it only voted to induct nine new female members. Zuska offers her take, as does Am I a Woman Scientist?

Living the Scientific Life

Jenny F. Scientist questions why wearing a frilly dress should destroy her lab cred. (It’s a beautiful dress. You should click the link just to see what a handy seamstress Jenny is.) New mother Jane at See Jane Compute analyzes the good and bad parts of her institution and department. Addy N. at What an untenured professor shouldn’t be doing is dealing with a case of academic dishonesty exacerbated by helicopter parents.

Post-doc at Minor Revisions talks about the difficulties of straddling two lab groups and how she’s watched two colleagues approach the situation very differently is Troublesome Shoes and Resignation. Elli at Peanut Butter Cabal gripes about a fellow student who seems to espouse competitive feminism. But maybe there is a lesson to be learned here about self-promotion? Also, from Elli, a great post whose title speaks for itself: “Work. Life. Vagina. Pick two.

Continuing her theme of exploring identity, Veo Claramente writes about the good and bad of anonymous blogging at Clarity. Finally, FemaleScienceProfessor at wonders what exactly women’s insight in engineering looks like and whether someone hired for that job would have the respect of her colleages.

Speaking of Science

Holly from Field Notes from an Evolutionary Psychologist critiques a study that purports to show that a girls name can dissuade her from a scientific career. Jokerine discovers that the way chemists talk about bonding can reinforce gender roles, and even found a picture to prove her point. Rebecca at Adventures in Applied Math gives her readers some tips to avoid discouraging girls from entering math and science. She really wants Scientiae readers to help with other ideas.

That’s all for this edition of Scientiae. The next go-round will be at FemaleCSGradStudent on June 1. Thanks to all the willing contributors and those who I drafted off my bloglines reader. If I missed anyone, deepest apologies.


Jenny F. Scientist said...

Excellent collection! Thanks, Sciencewoman. Also thanks for including me despite my terminal case of Not With The Program. Looking forward to some great reading!

Veo Claramente said...

Awesome! thank you...

lost clown said...

This looks great! Thank you for including me.

*runs off to read the links*

skookumchick said...

This carnival was just great! Thanks so much for hosting, and I really liked the theme, too...

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