Sunday, May 13, 2007

My Mom is My Hero

I could try to write a long, articulate essay about all the ways that my mom has made me who I am today, but I would never finish it, because I could never do the topic justice. So instead I'll give you the highlight reel.

Top 10 reasons my mom is my hero:
  1. For being a woman science professor long before it was cool. When she got her faculty position, they gave her an office in the education building because they thought she "would be more comfortable" in a college where there were other women. She was the first female professor in her department and the second in the College of Science.
  2. For being strong enough to leave an abusive marriage and raise two little kids alone without the help of extended family.
  3. For raising my brother and I to look beyond stereotypes and to do the things that make us happy.
  4. For mentoring me on how science is done. She supervised my science fair projects for 8 years, and as my research interests took on a definite form beyond her scope of knowledge, she bought textbooks and even audited a course so that she could continue to help me.
  5. For teaching me to write well. In elementary school, every year she insisted I enter an essay in the PTA's Reflections contest. In middle school and high school she taught me how to write scientific papers.
  6. For saving for my college education since before I was born.
  7. For caring passionately about the natural world, instilling that respect in her students and her children, and for living the principles she preached.
  8. For loving deeply and giving generously to her family, even when that love hasn't always been demonstrated in return.
  9. For instilling in me a love of music. While I resented the piano lessons I took for years, I adored the cello lessons later on. I am grateful for the ability to read, perform, and appreciate music that years of listening, singing, and playing have given me.
  10. For adoring my daughter.
My mom left Utopia early this morning to return to the Midwest. I wish her the safest drive cross the country and hope that maybe next winter she'll come for a long visit in Mystery City. Happy Mother's Day.


Saoirse said...

Your mother sounds like an amazing person. As are you. Happy Mother's Day.

Amelie said...

Great list! And a happy mother's day to both of you.

Writer Chica said...

I am honored to know you both.

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It is so amazing the love that a mother has for the sons, it is indescribable.

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Good for you, not everyone have a good mother as yours, love her and take care of her because I don't talk to my mom since 5 years ago and I don't care about her.

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