Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Manic May

The next thing that comes across my desk, I am going to say "NO" to.

Here's what's on my plate this month:
1. Co-author a white paper (May 18)
2. Review a paper
3. Lead field work at least once (with baby) (Friday)
4. Meet with my undergrad and cajole/plead for him to finish writing his thesis even though he's graduated
5. Come up with something/anything to conclude from the fiasco that was project PPP
6. Start and complete 3 big analyses on Project Beta so that Dr. ABC can present it in early June
(Damn him for writing an abstract without having any data - or any plans to get it himself)
7. Continue to plan field season for Project Delta
8. Review text books for course I'll be teaching in fall
9. Spend my startup money and deal with logistics of getting things delivered to Mystery U.

Does that sound like a list that can be accomplished in 25 hours per week? I didn't think so.

And that's just the work-work. On the homefront I have to merely:
1. Be a good mom. Always. Especially those 4 mornings and 1 all-day that I am home alone with Minnow. And the 11 pm, 2 am, and 5 am feedings.
2. Declutter and intensively clean the house so it can go on the market June 1.
3. Major weeding of yard/gardens before house goes on market.
4. Fly to Mystery City and buy a house there. But maybe this will happen in June? Depends on when Fish can get a day off.

I'm not sure whether I feel more or less stressed after making this list.


Happay said...

honestly, eventually you just feel numb and wander your way through the day getting done what can be done and saying screw the rest.
(from she who has house on the market, closing on house that has never been seen, on week 5 of maternity leave but working since day 4, and had surgery last Friday)

Writer Chica said...

take care, call in all your supports and know I'm thinking of you

estraven said...

Wow. I am impressed. Buy a house? It took us a whole pregnancy to buy a house!
Best of luck, and may Minnow soon learn to prefer unbroken sleep.

Chuck said...

6: Tell him to write his own damn paper. He has a degree, he shouldn't need his hand held...

8: Post the textbook options and ask the blogosphere for advice.

9: Why can't that wait until you actually start?

JaneB said...

First of all, do what you can and accept that that is all you can do...
Re: 6 - I'm in exactly the same boat with a colleague who said 'is x possible'? When I said yes he submitted an abstract to a conference without asking me (but with my name on it) which not only said 'we will have done x' but also said 'x shows y' - he is always too darn optimistic - so now I have to do x before the end of May despite the grading mountain etc. etc. - and I've been faculty for over nine years now. So it's not just you this happens to.

Chuck - yes, I wish it was this simple. In my case it certainly isn;t - the colleague sits on two funding panels to whom I want to submit grants and mucxh as I like him and respect his science I don't trust him to separate his interactions with me from my application... this is the problem with doing science with scientists, many of whom are all too human when it comes to the politics!

EcoGeoFemme said...

Can you hire someone to do the gardening? Or anything else at home that isn't feeding Minnow?

Super Babe said...

Good luck getting things off your lists. Hiring somebody for menial work may be a good idea... Sorry you have to hold some grad student's (graduated!) hand... And good luck with the move and all. Now I'm off to do my own list... which pretty much implies:

1. Working on project A (until I go blind with Excel)
2. Doing modeling to finish 2 papers and hopefully send them out for review in the next month.
3. Start writing a proposal for some "mystery" grant so I can extend my post-doc...

I'm stressed now. And it's only Monday!

Anonymous said...

When I finished up my PhD and was moving, starting a new job etc...I found some willing grad students and interns that wanted to make a few bucks. They made my yard look ship shape -- not super curb appeal, but much better than it was. Well worth the money to reduce the stress in my life. So the point is that I second that idea to outsource some of the to do list.

Good Luck!


Anonymous said...



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