Monday, May 07, 2007

It's a happy day

Professional Reason 1: I'm working on an analysis that I learned years ago in class but never had done on real datasets. Guess what? It works and it's not that hard. As long as all your data are right.

Professional Reason 2: In one of the above datasets I noticed an obvious error and I emailed the gov't agency responsible for the data. I got an email back a few hours later that said "You are so right" and gave me the correct number. Score one for the little people.

Personal Reason 1: I listed 4 things on Craigslist yesterday afternoon, and I have potential buyers lined up for each of them.

Personal Reason 2: After going on a bottle strike for 2 days last week and causing the daycare and myself much consternation and heartache, Minnow took 3 oz. from Fish today. That's not a lot given that I was gone 6.5 hours, but it is something.

Personal Reason 3: It's 80 degrees out and sunny. Spring at last!


Writer Chica said...

great job on both the professional and personal stuff!

Spring?? 80 degrees? That sounds like summer to me!

Anonymous said...

Just be careful about Craigslist. We posted something and the first responses we got were actually scams. Just be careful. See Craigslist's scam page to double check. Its usually obvious when its a scam.

Sicilian said...

Science Gal . . . Minnow is just protesting. . . . she will eventually come around. . . . .
Congrats on spot checking the government data. . . . do you do national budgets too???? I think they could really use your help.