Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Power of Onesies

I'm a big fan of multi-tasking, especially when it combines something I care about with something fun. So when I saw the email urging Moms Rising members to decorate onesies in support of their platform, I was eager to help. In fact I enlisted my craft group friends as well. I supplied the ridiculously small onesies (so small no one would ever really pull them over a baby's head), and my friends gamely helped decorate them with MomsRising slogans.

MomsRising is a web-based grassroots organization promoting policies that even the professional playing field for moms. They have six parts to their platform (illustrated to the left).

Their power of onesies campaign aims to have 1100 custom-decorated onesies to represent the 11000 children born in the US every day. As their website says: "Imagine a beautifully presented long chain of decorated baby onesies stretching all around your state capital as a visual representation of the real people who need the policies being debated inside the imposing buildings. Each onesie signifies one person--mother, father, child, grandmother, grandfather, aunt, uncle, or other--who cares deeply about building a family-friendly America, but can't take the time off work, or away from kids, to actually be at the capital. You."

It's not to late to help with the onesie campaign (or to join in their other activities). You don't even have to be crafty, you can pay someone else to do the fun work for you. Here's how.


thirdtimelucky said...

Great idea, good luck with getting your voices heard.

Anonymous said...



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