Wednesday, April 04, 2007

back to work-days 1 and 2

Monday, I attempted to go into work while fish took care of minnow. For the first time ever, she refused to take a bottle, so I came home at noon. Which is okay, because for the first time ever my breasts didn't yield easily to the pump, so I wasn't going to be able to replace what she would have consumed from the supply. On the plus side, in the afternoon, I got busy and finished an annoying little data task left from the pre-minnow days.

Tuesday, ScienceGrandma took care of Minnow in the afternoon, while I tried to work at home. No bottles were attempted, no breasts were pumped. But I was within earshot, which was really hard every time that Minnow cried not from hunger. ScienceGrandma did a good job, but she's still figuring our little one out, and after 3 hours both were exhausted. My data analysis task was much less straightforward, so between hearing the crying and puzzling over excel, I was exhausted too.

Today is another 1/2 day with ScienceGrandma. I'll keep you posted.


Chuck said...

Excel puzzled and exhausted me yesterday too, but I have no milk/baby/grandma/other excuse.

Writer Chica said...

you are amazing! take care and give Minnow a kiss for me.

Addy N. said...

Reading your post really took me back. My daughter was born right after my dissertation proposal defense and we moved to be with my husband when she was almost 3 months old. We started having a student come over to babysit in the afternoons so that I could work, but she would never take a bottle, so I always had to go in and nurse when she got hungry. I can totally relate to hearing her cry while working in the other room. I managed to finish my diss (on schedule) and get a job, so it all worked out. It's great that you are able to have a flexible work schedule- I feel bad for mothers who don't have have that freedom (professionals outside of academia). Hang in there- it will all work out!

PonderingFool said...

How much help would the Princeton plan just announced been to you? Would be to you?