Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Are they really that clueless?

So, I agreed to take the interview at ?AA? U and tickets were purchased the other day. Fish is going along to care for Minnow and I did get them to agree to pay for his ticket (+1 for them).


When the hotel and plane flight itineraries arrived in my inbox, they were in his name rather than mine. As in, Fish Man accompanied by ScienceWoman rather than vice versa. Because obviously the man with the BS in business is the one coming for the interview in an -ology department, not the woman with the PhD in -ology. (-1 for their administrative staff).

Given that they have to overcome a deficit of about -25 to make up for not giving me the interview in the first place, they really can't afford any more negative points.


Propter Doc said...

No way! That is so clueless. Good luck with it all anyhow! I hope they get better.

hypoglycemiagirl said...

sometimes you don't know whether to laugh or cry...and sometimes you think you're paranoid because it happens all the time!

Twice said...

Wow. Well good luck in any case!

PonderingFool said...

What close-minded group of people. Guess that is what happens when you make up your mind based on biases and "in the absence of knowledge". But I thought those of us in science were suppossed to be for that now? (Sorry ranting a bit from framing science of Nisbet and Mooney).

How much can this university screw up and open themselves up to a lawsuit? Do they want to be the poster-child for sexism in academia?

Glad you are going. Sounds like those students need to see women in science in action to counter the norms they are picking up.

MM said...

ugh. just ugh. how much worse can this place get? hope it starts improving!! good luck!

Amelie said...

How nice of them to invite you to come along and take care of the baby that needs to be close to Fish because _he_ is breastfeeding her.
Good luck. I do hope it gets better!

Anonymous said...

Why are you still interviewing with them? Would you really take up a job with a university that you feel so strongly about? If not, aren't you just wasting both your time and their time, and creating a lot of hassle in traveling?

ScienceWoman said...

Amelie - You nailed it. That's awesome!

Anonymous - I am going to investigate on the ground - perhaps all can be overcome with a welcoming and attractive departmental visit.