Friday, March 02, 2007

It is possible

  • To fly across multiple time zones with a newborn
  • To interview for a job a month post-partum
  • To feel like you'd done almost as good a job preparing for the interview as if you hadn't been a new mom
  • To calm your husband, strip off your shirt, nurse your child, review your interview cheat sheet, button back up, and go to your next appointment within a 1/2 hour. But don't plan on going to the bathroom
  • To get your baby to nap on their own (occasionally) without crying it out
  • To not be too offended when your husband forgets your birthday, because you'd forgotten it too
  • To sometimes think that being a professor and a mom is possible, if only someone would give you a job
  • To realize the truth that Dr. Free-ride wrote. "There is no "balancing" from here on out, only juggling."


Anonymous said...

Congrast on surviving the interview! Let me just say how impressed I am with you -- it is exhausting and stressful enough to do this without a newborn and anxious husband.

And by the way..with or without the quick run to nurse your baby, during interviews you never get to go to the bathroom :)


Anonymous said...

I'm so happy you're back! I hope the interview went well. I can't believe you did all that.

Amelie said...

It sounds like you're doing a good job with the juggling! I admire you for managing all this. And happy belated birthday, I guess?!

Jane said...

Happy belated birthday, and glad to hear you survived the interview! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

I will be in a similar boat---travelling across multiple timezones with a newborn and husband, to present at a conference, about a month after my due date (assuming no complications of course). Any advice? What worked well/didn't work as well for you during your travels?

Lab Lemming said...

Happy Birthday.

Anonymous said...

Now that the interview is out of the way your next step would be surviving on job. I found this good article online that would help make things easier:
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Anonymous said...

Just came across your blog, and really enjoyed reading it. I'm still single, and getting a PhD, and can't even think about how to juggle a family as well - it's great to see how you're doing it, thanks.

PhD Mom said...

You are doing great, amazing really. I would not have been ready to deal with the things that you are at the same stage in my life. It does get better (especially when kids get past about 6 weeks), and the second time will be easier than the first. It is possible to balance (although jugglling probably is a better term) kids and career. Hang in there.

Happay said...

hello. congrats on accomplishing what you have to this point, even if no offers come you have already proven your worth just by trying and getting interviews.

I want to address your second to the last bullet in this post. I too am a post-doc in science who has one child (2.5) and another on the way. I went through the interview process, granted with a little better timing on the pregnancy as I am due this month and was able to fly through January. I had several interviews in the fall including an interview on the last day of classes last semester that got me a job offer. I had another interview to attend, which I did, in January but decided to take the offer from the other university. We are now faced with selling a house, buying a house, moving a family, my husband dropping out of his program, finishing my current post-doc position which is a 24 month fellowship, having a baby in 16 days, and all of the other fun that comes with being a working mom. My point is, I think you can accomplish this, you can be a mom and a professor. I have proof in other friends that I have to live faithfully by. Sleep deprived? means nothing. Sore and exhausted? no time for it. Hang in there, and good luck. I'll be following along now. ;)

Anonymous said...



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