Sunday, February 04, 2007

overdoing it

I took Minnow for a walk this morning. She was all snug in a bunting (with little teddy bear ears) and content in her Ergo carrier. The sun felt wonderful on my face and the fresh air smelled fantastic. But I went a bit too far and the wooden park bench at the playground was pretty darn hard and then I had to turn around and walk home. Very slowly.

So the rest of the day will be spent very very quietly - watching the superbowl on low volume, napping, and cuddling with Minnow. And feeding every 1.5-2.5 hours.

And that's why even though I am thinking about work everyday - I'm not anywhere near ready to go back.

Minnow's latest accomplishments: (1) When sound asleep I can set her down and she finishes off her nap without me having to hold her at all. I'm getting longer chunks of two-hands time this way. A few days ago, I'd never have imagined this was possible. (2) She's managed to completely empty a breast a few times. It's thrilling. She's growing up so fast!


PhD Mom said...

I distinctly remember sitting in my rocker, nursing, watching CNN international at 3 AM, and wondering how the world could keep as before on going after so much in my life had changed.

Becoming a parent is amazing. One moment you can't imagine going to the bathroom without putting the baby down. The next minute you are dropping them off at kindergarten. It really does move fast.

Kjerstin said...

When I read about your reflections over whether to go back to work, I can't but feel I'm on a different planet. In Norway women have 42 weeks off with full pay (well, that's not completely true, because 6 of the 42 weeks must be taken off by the father). Having to go back to work right after giving birth sounds, well, if not barbaric, then at least primitive. I'm glad you're able to take some time off, and congrats on your thriving girl!

trillwing said...

Take it easy. For six weeks or so post-birth, I was most comfortable sitting on an ice pack. :( I hope you heal faster!