Tuesday, February 20, 2007

need a list

  • finish job talk
  • practice job talk
  • review standard interview questions
  • make list of questions to ask them
  • research department curriculum
  • think about courses that I said I could teach
  • think about courses I proposed to add
  • get example syllabi of one or two courses
  • look up pubs of search committee members - read abstracts
  • review standard interview questions again
  • make list of proposed research topics
  • read review paper(s) of -ology of area
  • buy interview clothes for post-partum body
  • buy decent shoes for post-partum feet
  • pack clothes for interview days
  • pack extra shirts for leaking/spit-up accidents
  • pack clothes for Minnow
  • pack diapers/wipes/burp rags for Minnow
  • remind Fish to pack
  • make sure he packs appropriately
  • check weather
  • print out itinerary
  • pack breast pump, bottles, car seat, sling, stroller...

Given that I am home alone for 8+ hours a day with a baby that likes to be held, the above should keep me busy until the moment we leave.


Super Babe said...

Good luck with your list. I found your blog through Dr. Brazen's blog... and I just wanted to say (about your birthing post)... It had me in tears. It is amazing how some words, regardless of who they're coming from, can touch our hearts. Congratulations on being a new Mom... and I hope you're still making that guy who asked you "if you were coming back to work soon" wait a little longer!

Anonymous said...

Super-duper good luck on your interview!


Writer Chica said...

sending lots of strength, patience, and efficiency your way.
talk to you soon!

Sylvia allein in Westfalen said...

I discovered your blog a few days ago and I like it very much. I am also working as a scientist and know what you are talking about :)
Many greetings from germany, Sylvia