Monday, February 05, 2007

Just Minnow week

In other parts of the realm, some brave souls are undertaking Just Science week - where they post at least one science-related post each day and nothing else.

I clearly don't have that in me this week.

Instead I will bring you, Just Minnow week - where everyday I promise (to try) to post a cute picture and some update of her amazingness.

Oops. You missed it. Too bad.

This picture is from 2 days ago and is the one we'll be sending out with her birth announcement. Of course, she'll forever resent us for doing so. I can hear it now..."Mom, I can't believe you gave people a naked picture of me."

Her latest feat: She'll now stay latched on for 8 minutes or so at a go. Which means she accomplishes her eating in ~1/2 the time it took when every minute or so she'd pop off and want to fuss and burp.

We've also settled into some preferred feeding positions. For the left breast she prefers the clutch hold, while on the right side she is content with the cross-cradle hold. And as the moms out there know, this means I am building some mighty left arm muscles while my right arm is mostly free to atrophy at will.


BerryBird said...

That truly is an adorable photo of Minnow. Congratulations to you and Fish. What an exciting time!

Holly said...

She really is a very pretty baby. What great hair!!

ceresina said...

I love the eyes. "What's that over there? when will I be able to see it? hold it? play with it?..."

Writer Chica said...

She looks so much older already! I love her eyes. Can't wait to hold her!