Wednesday, January 10, 2007

starting on a different foot

Yesterday I had a really productive day at work. Yes, I still work, even if the work-related blogging has been rather light lately. When I left in the afternoon, I was all jazzed to come in today because I am *this* close to getting that paper submitted. I got comments back from all the co-authors and I just need to make some minor text and figure changes and then I can hit the submit button. And I really want to do that because I want it done before Mini arrives and I've got a couple of job apps that are waiting to be mailed until I can add that paper to the "in review" heading rather than the (always suspicious) "in preparation" heading.

But last night I didn't get any sleep. The house was too warm, the belly was too big, and the dog is sick. And when she's sick she goes in and out of the house at half-hour intervals. All night long. Finally, at 6 am she didn't make it outside in time and she puked on the rug by the back door. The poor dog. So I got up for good. We've got a vet appointment soon, and I'm hoping that the vet can make her feel better or at least tell me what's wrong. I'm afraid it could be a recurrence of pancreatitis, which she had a couple of years ago and which could cause her untimely end if we're not careful about what she eats. On Monday, she snuck out of the yard while fish was working in the garage and he thinks she may have eaten a bunch of cat-food (high fat - the pancreatitis trigger) because of all the outdoor cats in our neighborhood. She was "off her feed" Monday night and Tuesday morning - just taking occasional nibbles for hours rather than wolfing it down. But Tuesday she seemed to be doing better - my mom took her for a multi-hour hike and she came home happy and hungry. By 2 am though...

On top of that, the other thing keeping me from work this morning is the weather. It rain and froze last night and now it's snowing. I haven't gotten any emails from S and she's not answering the phone. I'm guessing schools are closed, so if I do go into the office I'll be the only one there. And that makes me feel less guilty for starting this morning on a different foot than I had planned.

Updated to add: Nothing definitive from the vet ("digestive upset") but don't let Princess Pup have food today in case it is pancreatitis. Then tomorrow and Friday give her smaller, more frequent, even blander meals and keep an eye on her. Call back on Friday and let the vet know how she's doing.

After the vet trip, I dropped the Pup off at home and she looked so so sad that I was going to leave her. But I had to take the car to be inspected for proper installation of the baby car seat - which took an hour! (mostly waiting time). And now it's noon and I'm finally at the office. I have to work on my figures while I am here (network-licensed program), but I am going to try to go home as soon as possible so that I can be there for the dog. Plus, I am *so* tired.


Sara said...

I hope the Princess Pup is feeling more like herself soon, and that you sleep better tonight. It's so hard to watch beloved pets suffer (and you need some rest).

post-doc said...

Poor Princess Pup. I'm so sorry she's not feeling well and hope she improves soon.

Congratulations on the paper progress! It's exciting to get those off your desk, especially with Mini making an appearance soon. :)

Amelie said...

Hope the Princess Pup is better soon! And good luck for the last paper edits!

Saoirse said...

Poor puppy. I hope she feels better soon.