Wednesday, January 31, 2007

RBO Motherhood

  • 2 nursing bras is not enough. They are both wet all the time.
  • Sure, minnow may sleep 3-4 hours at a stretch if undisturbed - but my breasts won't let her go more than 2 without serious complaint.
  • Waking a sleeping baby is the worst thing in my world right now.
  • She's got her days and nights mixed up. At night she fusses and has to be swaddled to sleep. During the day she sleeps for hours with no fuss at all.
  • Princess Pup was initially curious but is now just resigned. She won't give me any kisses (licks) even when I am nursing with one hand and petting with the other.
  • Barking doesn't bother minnow at all - but clang some dishes or a door and she startles.
  • Trimming newborn fingernails is NOT easy. I managed to do 4 before cutting her. Writer Chica suggests we try filing the rest. When I work up the nerve.
  • It's amazing how little you can accomplish in a day when you've got a baby in your arms. Not that I really mind.
  • I'm already more efficient about showering and eating and such. Otherwise it just might not happen.
  • Today we've got to give her a bath. Yesterday I was too exhausted by the time we remembered it.
  • The biggest adjustment: Not having any control over my schedule and not even being able to predict it more than 5 minutes out.

Oops. You missed it. Too bad.
  • This post brought you by the sleepy daddy-sleepy baby duo


RageyOne said...

I'm not a mother and I know that is a HUGE adjustment.

She is a cutie! Such a cute photo.

Nic McPhee said...

Yeah, cutting Sub-Evil Boy's tiny little nails was one of my small contributions to the exercise. It's amazing how small and sharp those things are. I never tried filing - I just got very good as being careful. Small scissors helped as well.

Best wishes to all!

Amelie said...

Minnow is so cute and your post is very sweet!

Erin said...

Cutest! Babygirl! Ever!

post-doc said...

My goodness, but you have a pretty baby! It sounds like you're learning quickly and adjusting pretty well. Congratulations!!

Addy N. said...

Get some nursing pads to put in your bras. I leaked like crazy when my daughter was a baby. They make disposable pads and also nice cotton ones that you can wash. I finally figured out that I had to sleep in my nursing bra (with pads) to avoid soaking the bed! Good luck! P.S. she'll get her days and nights straight pretty soon!

PhD Mom said...

Minnow is beautiful. Congratulations.

A few of my best tips on babies:

1. If you put your pinkie finger in minnow's mouth she will stop crying. [Only works for first six weeks]

2. You will need 5-6 nursing bras, and try adding pads the 1st two weeks or so until milk production levels off, then you can just change the pad instead of the bra.

3. Hyland's teething tablets. [Actually anything made by Hyland's]. You may not need these for a while but they work well. Also they have some for colic.

4. I really enjoyed co-sleeping bu this is controversial. The advantage is that when minnow gets big enough to wiggle, she may be able to latch on and nurse while you are still asleep and you can't beat that.

5. For that matter, you should learn side-lying position as fast as you can. I could sleep while nursing and would only wake up when the baby dropped off (I got cold). Roll over start on the other side and go back to sleep.

Good luck!!!

Julie said...

I was always told to bite new borns fingernails off. Sure it doesn't produce a perfect little manicure, but it gets the egdes off in the least dangerous way possible!

good luck!

jo(e) said...

I was going to say the same thing as Julie: the best way to trim an infant's fingernails is to put her finger in your mouth and nibble the nail off with your teeth. I did it with all my kids.

That photo is just wonderful. She is absolutely adorable.

Sicilian said...

Sleeping baby will never leave your mind. . . when they are big and you watch them sleep. . . you remember. . . you get warm and fuzzy. . . you enjoy every moment.

BrightStar said...

Thank you for the new minnow photo! She's fantastic!

Tracy said...

How lovely! Congratulations on a gorgeous little girl!

I third the biting the fingernails off suggestion, and second the recommendation to buy disposable nursing pads -- I used them for a really long time, since I was leaky for several, several months while nursing (I nursed 11 months, and probably wore a nursing bra for 4-5 months... not fun, but well worth it for not having to wash bottles!).

Here's hoping Minnow gets the day/night thing down soon and that you all get a little more sleep.

She's perfect!

Anonymous said...



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