Thursday, December 14, 2006

Women in Science - a few things of note

I started to work on this post a week ago and never found the time/energy to finish it off. While I'd like to keep providing my readers with updates on all the women in science news and blogs, it's just too much of a time and energy committment right now. I guess I'll have to stick to the first person perspective for at least the next couple of months.

Women in Science Update - Asking Life's Persistent Questions

Would this work?
From Miss Prism: "Inspired by the X-Gals, many wonderful women's science blogs, and maybe perhaps a soupcon of beer, a pond-crossing friend and I have been chatting lately about the possibility of creating some kind of online resource / community / wiki type thing for women scientists (grad students, postdocs and beyond)."

Why are we still reinforcing stereotypes?

BrightStar points us to a product that does just that in her post (I'm pretty AND I do math!, 11/10)

Who can challenge the status quo?
"Those who are in the community have a lot to lose by challenging the status quo. Those who are no longer in the community can speak out without the same risk of losing their standing -- but, having no standing, they are also in a position where the community can safely ignore them." from Janet's post "Making Repairs, Staying Afloat"(Adventures in Ethics and Science, 11/15)

Is gender bias in STEM a myth?
"Over at the Cornell American Online, Rachel Brenc, a first-year student in engineering - oops, I mean, freshman - has written a little piece that ought to be titled Why There's Nothing Wrong With White Male Domination Of Every Institution In Our Society As Long As I, Personally, Have Never Experienced Any Discrimination Of Which I Am Cognizant Because I'm Just Going To Quit Working As Soon As I Get Pregnant Even Though I Love My Engineering Classes And I Will Just Cross My Fingers And Trust God That My Husband Doesn't Leave Me Or Die Or Get Disabled Or Laid Off Because I Think There Is No Discrimination Against Women And Those Ladies Who Wrote That NSF Report Are Just Whiners, Not Hard Workers (Who Know Their Place, In the Kitchen With The Babies) Like Me" from Zuska's post: Let Her Eat the Opressors Cake (11/17)
What will MIT's Tonewaga do now that he suddenly has more free time?
SciMom comments on Susan Hockfield's lack of public condemnation in her post "MIT's Tonewaga steps down." (11/18) Susan Hockfield is the president of MIT, and SciMom comments "As a woman in an extremely powerful academic and scientific position, I thought she should have been more vocal than she was."

Why does the attire of women doctors deserve such scrutiny?
"I think that we should take the fact that patients prefer to see doctors in white coats to casual clothes as an opportunity to question what authority "looks like," rather than as a carte blanche (pardon the pun) to criticize what people are wearing." asserts Skookumchick in Strut your stuff (11/21). But the author of any essay in the NY Times doesn't take the high road, calling the attire of many women doctors inappropriate.


Sandy D. said...

Hi - I'd like to feature this post in the next Carnival of Feminists (Dec. 20) - see .

Bird Advocate said...

I thought this was 2006, not the 1800s. Sex stereotypes suck!

Anonymous said...



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