Thursday, December 14, 2006

That Crazy Northwest Weather

And those crazy northwesterners who get all excited about it...

Here's what just came through my email: "Weather advisories for the ... area forecast heavy winds and rain tonight and tomorrow, with wind gusts reaching 50 miles per hour. Previous windstorms have been responsible for damage and power outages on campus. Please shut down all personal and all non-essential electrical devices and loads by the end of business today. This will reduce risks associated with restoration of power and services. Should you have questions, please call ... Facilities Services..."

In the area where I grew up, 50 mph winds would be considered a breeze.

But also in the forecast are floods. The image on the left are the flood predictions from NOAA's Northwest River Forecast Center as of 4:30 pm today. Click the image to get current predictions. Red areas are places that are flooding or are forecasted to flood. Orange areas are/will exceed bankfull (the river is out of its banks, but no economic consequences), and yellow and green areas will get plenty wet.

And while I grew up in an area with some notable floods, around here they are quite exciting. And we've already had a couple of good ones here this fall. If this batch lasts into the weekend, maybe I'll try to get some pictures. I do enjoy a good flood.

Oh, and starting later tonight, it's supposed to be a blizzard in the mountains. It never rains but it pours.

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JF said...

(I keep trying to comment and Blogger Beta hates me!!)

Anyhow. I once lived somewhere where the river rose 5 meters in the spring. Dramatic! I hope your floods are exciting, but not too inconvenient. Would we get to see pictures?!?