Tuesday, December 19, 2006


  • Too much data processing can fry the brain and prevent the formation of coherent blog posts.
  • Skookumchick once again brings us news of reporting on women in science. This time she highlights the bizarre title of a recent NY Times article. FemaleScienceProfessor has also responed to the article.
  • One of my favorite science blogs (written by 2 women) has debuted a new science magazine: Inkling Magazine (On the Hunch that Science Rocks). It looks very cool and interesting, much like the pithy and humorous news tidbits that I've so enjoyed on their blog, Inky Circus. In their inaugral issue, you'll find articles on reinventing the red planet, explaining the vampire myth, and cell division, amongst other topics and sections like "green and crunchy" and "fun with food." You'll also find an essay by Thus Spake Zuska blogger, Suzanne Franks. So go read and enjoy.
  • My christmas shopping is now 3/4 complete. I'm going very minimal this year - just presents for brother, Mom, Dad, and fish. Dad's getting a basket of diabetic-friendly PNW specialty foods (ordered over the internet, arriving next week), Mom's getting a digital camera (thanks to brother for doing all the work), and brother is getting an ingot of Wood's metal. 'Cause that's what he wants. Every year his presents get more obscure (last year it was a welding mask), but that's fine with me because I always learn something along the way (Wood's metal is cool because it has a super low melting point) and he does most of the leg work. Now I've actually got to brave a store to get a present for fish.


Anne said...

Thanks for the plug and praise! We're honoured to have you as a reader.

One quick little correx. Inky Circus is done by a trio of women (katie, anna, and i).

Kelly said...

This is a very nice post, and I want to see how others react to this.

Anonymous said...



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