Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Equal opportunity for interviewing

I find myself in an interesting situation. I was recently offered an interview at a university where I think I'm a good match. The catch? They want to interview me in January. And I can't fly in those few weeks before my due date.

I offered to come in December or February but they are already on break now and they said that February would be too late. I also offered to speak to them by phone at any point. The person who contacted me said s/he'd talk to the search committee and see what they could arrange.

I'm pretty sure that since they wanted me to come to campus, they have to at least follow through with a phone interview. Of course, it'd be nicer to have a campus visit, even though the thought of travel sounds particularly unappealing right now. But I'd bet that affirmative action laws require them to make some accomodation for me. I have a call into my campus office to find out.

They can of course discriminate against me all they want after they've made some arrangement to satisfy the affirmative action requirement. And there's not much that I can do about that. But you'd think that someone offering to travel and interview either in her 8th month of pregnancy or with a brand-new newborn would be demonstrating a level of committment and enthusiasm far beyond what your typical candidate displays. So we'll see what happens...


sheepish said...

Good luck with this one; I hope it works for you if the position is a fit. I'm not sure if it's discrimination, but I would be extremely loath to hire a faculty member whom I had never met and never heard give a research talk, and even more whom none of my colleagues would have done so either.

Thought: do you have access to any videoconferencing facilities? That seems like it might be an acceptable alternative.

turtlebella said...

Yeah, seems like they could to do a phone interview and see if they want to wait until February to bring you to campus... Then again, they might have to make a decision by a certain point to retain the funding for the position or something to do with University bureaucracy. This for faculty position, yeah?

Lab Lemming said...

Just set your talk up to give one slide per contraction, and video link in from the birthing suite.

Seriously, though. You might want to adjust the percieved "goodness" of the fit to their willingness to adjust their selection process to the realities of human biology.
At the very least, the process should illustrate their ability (or lack thereof) to adapt to and overcome unforseen complications when dealing with procedures, rules, and "the way things are done around here".