Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Tooting my own horn...sort of

Amelie just tipped me off that Nature Structural and Molecular Biology had an editorial in their September issue called "All aboard for graduate school." The editorial provided a wealth of tips and resources for new graduate students - including encouraging them to check out blogs by other graduate students. They provided a link to a directory of science-related blogs, and they also specifically mentioned this blog. The only blog they specifically mentioned.
"If you want a different take on things, there is that virtual planet, the blogosphere. You can find out about the day-to-day life of graduate students (though crystal cultivators and the bench-bound be warned, some of your fellow biology graduate students spend their days in more tropical climes). Or you can read about anything from the graduate school experience from a female perspective (http://sciencewoman.blogspot.com/) to papers or seminars that inspired a peer. A list of interesting science-related blogs can be found at http://www.phds.org/graduate-school-success/blogs."
I have to conclude that either the editorial writer (1) had no idea of the depth of the academic blogosphere, (2) saw my blog when when Blogger featured it, or (3) is a reader. Whatever the reason, I hope that some poor beginning graduate students aren't led too far astray by the contents of these pages. :)


psychgrad said...

That's quite neat. I don't get the sense that colleagues really recognize the value of blogging (or the depth of it) but it's a nice compliment to have your blog singled out as a source for graduate students.

MadScienceMama said...

The prime demographic of blog readers is 20-30 and I bet incoming grad students are finding your site very useful!

My first baby was also born as I was finishing my dissertation. I try to combine my interests in biology and mothering at www.madsciencemama.com.