Saturday, November 18, 2006

stopping time

Early early tomorrow morning, fish and I are getting on a plane and heading for the Midwest to spend a week with all the parents and siblings. It'll be a fun trip because fish's family and my brother haven't seen me since I got pregnant, so I am looking forward to getting a bit spoiled. Hopefully, I'll also eat some good food, and get to see a friend or two.

Unfortunately, I have to bring a fair bit of work with me (a review, some data, be available on email, etc.), so it won't be all fun and games. But the tradeoff is that I've decided not to officially take any vacation days from work. So there.

I'll have high speed internet access in both homes, so there may be blogging (or not). I may even make the switch to the beta (I like the label feature and the interfaces better), although I really don't expect it to be more reliable than the old blogger.

But one thing I won't be doing this week is getting anything ready for Mini's arrival. Which is not so good, given that every time I see that ticker on my blog I have a momentary panic attack. I'm now 3/4 the way through my pregnancy. It's unbelievable.


Anonymous said...

Beta Blogger is worth it just for the labels, although some things are a pain. At least now you can comment on other blogs, but it's a different sign in. I would do it again.

Have a fantastic trip. So exciting to see your ticker moving farther along.

Anonymous said...

Have a safe trip!
And... before switching to beta, don't forget to back up your template first :)

Amelie said...

Have a good trip and be spoiled! No chance to get anything you need for Mini with your family?
Beta is nice, they fixed a lot of issues in the last weeks. Labels are great.

Sicilian said...

Love reading your blog. . . . enjoy the spoiling. . . . and enjoy your family and friends.

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