Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Science vs. engineering: job app advice?

I'm in one of those fields where I could have gotten a graduate degree in either science or engineering and I opted for science for various reasons. But that doesn't mean that I haven't had a few engineering courses along the way, and some engineering departments will hire people in my field with science PhDs. That's what I am hoping as I get ready to submit the job application du jour. And that's why I am looking for advice on:
  1. How are engineering faculty job apps different than science faculty ones?
  2. How do I sell myself as someone who can "talk" engineering as well as science?
  3. My teaching philosophy statement is very science oriented - what sort of things are key to an engineering teaching philosophy?
Any advice would be appreciated!


Anonymous said...

Hi ScienceWoman -- I started a gigantic comment to you on this, but it ended up too huge so I posted it at my place. Come visit!

Sicilian said...

Science gal. . . . you would probably do very well in Engineering because you would be unlike them because of your science background. I would sell that point that you can add a different perspective.
You sell your mulit talents.

Anonymous said...

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