Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Goals and summaries

It's time to reinstitute my old monthly progress of looking back on the previous month's accomplishments and laying out goals for the new month. I'd fallen out of the habit because for the last few months my goals were simple:

August goal: finish the dissertation
September goal: defend the dissertation
October goal: turn in the dissertation, start the post-doc

But now my work is less one-track, and I feel like I'll need some goals to keep me on my task.

So here are November's goals (work only, personal may be a different post):
  1. Submit next paper to journal
  2. Review paper for a different journal (my first review!)
  3. Contribute to 11/15 funding report by doing some basic modeling and writing it up
  4. Get the pre-postdoc data and take a look at it
  5. Continue development of "unfunded mandate" work
  6. Start thinking about how to turn chapter 4 into a journal article
And October's accomplishments:
  1. turned in dissertation to graduate school
  2. applied for 4 jobs
  3. worked on “unfunded mandate” research in preparation for Boss's talk
  4. attended conference
  5. worked on revising Ch3 paper for submission
We'll see how I do.

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Ms.PhD said...

You go, girl!

Keep up the good work.