Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Women in Science Update: Blogs Only

I am still woefully behind on these women in science updates, but it really is time for me to clear out my saved bloglines. I don't think I've done one of these in well over a month, so I am just going to give you post titles grouped by blogger. If I've missed anything written by you or your friends/enemies please let me know. I've tried to tag posts that have appeared in the past week or so.

Adventures in Ethics and Science
(recent) Stereotype threat, women, and math tests
(recent) Science kits that teach stereotypes
Getting along vs. fixing the problem

Women in Science Part Duex
(recent) Women in science

Bitch, Ph.D.
Space Chicks
Are you sitting down?

Dr. Mom
Women in Science Update

Dr. Shellie
Not feminist enough?
Talking about bias

FairerScience Weblog
A Eureka in St. Paul
Alien and other women in science
The X-Gals
(recent) Great Title, Good Content, But People Please Watch the Vocabulary

Green Gabbro
Well I never

Lounge of the lab lemming
Women in pseudoscience
Name Game Update
(recent) Name Game 3

Unsung Heroines

Women leadership and Newsweek

Post Doc Ergo Propter Doc
(recent) When life gives you lemons
Another Article

Science + Professor + Woman = Me
Women as bad investments
We don't want to?
(recent) Desktop Kids
(recent) What is on your computer desktop? (polls for women and men)

See Jane Compute
News Flash: Gender Bias is Alive and Well

Slow but Steady

Thus Spake Zuska
Stop me if you've heard this one
L.A. Engineer (almost)
Who's not a leader?
Resources for Parents
AWIS Washington Wire and "Beyond Barriers and Bias" report
The Kings are Always Angry
(recent) Morals vs. Pragmatism
(recent) Morals vs. Pragmatism Part 2
(recent) Censorship

Really disturbing blog and comments (the Althouse/NYTimes/NAS post)


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