Friday, October 13, 2006

still a whirlwind

Anyone who thought that my life would slow down after I finished my PhD doesn't know me very well. Last Friday at 9 am I handed in my dissertation to the graduate school adn was officially done. By the end of the day, my advisor had handed S and I a new project with a deadline this coming Monday. So the past week has largely been spent working on that - a kind of nice mixture of theory and data and tedium - but frustrating because we are getting ready things ready for a talk he's giving and he's completely out of communication - won't be back until the morning of the talk. And if his plane's late, I suppose I'll be giving it. Granted I did manage to sneak out early two afternoons this week (I've been so tired) and get in an aqua and a yoga class, but in order to do those things I've had to almost completely drop blog-reading, writing, and my normal fun work diversions - even email. Next week I'll be attending a conference for four intense days. At least it's in town so I don't have to worry about travel or sleeping in a strange bed. Along the way I've also applied for my first federal job (well, actually not - but my first federal job at the PhD level). But I think I'll save the thoughts on that process and my general job search ramblings for another post. I've got dishes to do before fish comes home.


trillwing said...

Congrats on finishing!!!

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