Monday, October 02, 2006

not quite there yet

Subject: introduction revisions

I am working on the revisions to my dissertation (due at the end of the week), and I wanted to thank you for your helpful comments throughout my chapters.

I am struggling with your comments regarding my introduction. I understand that what you are looking for is more conceptual motivation for the dissertation as a whole. I thought that is what I had done in the very first section of the introduction. The three main pieces of my dissertation are rather disparate - not really linked by a common body of literature. So I tried to link them in terms of understanding how..... I guess this didn't come through clearly, or was insufficient, in terms of what you wanted for the motivation.

In one place you suggested a literature review of .... - this sort of literature review is contained at least in part in the introductions to each of my subsequent chapters. It seems to me that including it in the introduction would not only be repetitive but would emphasize the differences between the papers rather than uniting them - as I was attempting to do.

Do you have any specific suggestions as to what you like to see changed/added to the introduction to better meet the goal of conceptually motivating the dissertation as a whole? Any comments you have would need to be transmitted to me in the next day or so, in order that I could attempt to incorporate in the next few days.


Quantico said...


Mine will be within one year!

Writer Chica said...

As always, you state things with such poise and elegance and professionalism. And only a slight undertone of annoyance.