Saturday, October 14, 2006

The last word on the dissertation

Sciencegeek inspired this post. Go over to her place and congratulate her on completing her draft.

The Stats:
  • Number of pages in whole dissertation: 196
  • Number of pretext pages: 17 (those before the introduction that don't get numbered)
  • Number of pages in the bibliography: 14
  • Number of references on the last page of the biblio: 1 (of course)
  • Number of figures: 30
  • Number of tables: 7
  • Number of times I used words that annoy Sciencegeek's supervisor:
    • As such: 0
    • Being that: 0
    • Therefore: 3
    • However: 26
  • Similar words that would also probably annoy him:
    • Thus: 23
  • First person usage in the body of the dissertation:
    • we: 77
    • our: 18
  • The last word: processes
Today I am making the photocopies that will become copies for my advisors, a committee member who requested it, my mom, and my department. Then I will take them to get bound. And then this whole thing really will be behind me.


Anonymous said...

It looks like you bio type people have a much higher page/figure ratio than geochemists.

Your ratio is between 6 and 7, while sciencegeeks is barely under 5. Most geochemists I know are in the 2-3 range.

But then, picture books are more appropriate for our degree of literacy.

Writer Chica said...

That's a big dissertation. Are you making a copy for yourself?

I prefer "However" to "On the other hand". I see that a ton. I always change it.

Processes is certainly an appropriate closing word.

turtlebella said...

I am big fan of words like "however," "thus," "heretofore," (my favorite I think) so I'm sure my dissertation was littered with them (I'm not on my computer so I can't do a quick search). But I don't think they annoyed my advisor. What annoyed her was "In order to...," she always changed that one. What impressed my classical scholar husband was the amount we use latin (de novo) and latin abbreviations (et al., i.e., e.g.) in biology.

Anonymous said...

My advisor just complained about "however", too, though I haven't quite figured out what's wrong with it. Neither of us is a native speaker, so maybe we just have (slightly) different ideas of it? (ok, this probably shouldn't happen, but I suppose it does every now and then).

ScienceGeek said...

Your post made me laugh. What? No "as such" or "being that". I sure hope I didn't make those up.

Now I'm wondering how many times I used "thus" and what the last word in my thesis is.

I'm liking the suggestions other people gave as well. Too bad I didn't incorporate any "heretofore" in my thesis. That would surely drive my supervisor up the wall.