Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I thought I was going to have a good post today but...

instead I have RBOC.
  • In a last gasp of dissertation torture, I have spent the entire day working on a single paragraph of the revisions for Chapter 4. I absolutely don't care any more. I have no desire to write a well crafted paragraph that synthesizes the literature on the subject (most of which I haven't actually read). Instead I wrote crap that addressed about 1/2 the things that I think co-advisor wanted me to address.
  • Chapter 4 is so monstrously long and unfocused that major sections are going to have be completely revised (or cut out completely) before submission to a journal. This partly explains the above bullet, but I have no desire to revise for submission at any point soon. It would help if my co-authors actually took some responsibility for the paper at some point before submission.
  • Mini's kicks are definitely getting harder. My new favorite way to spend an evening is feeling the kid kick and squirm. Last night we saw my belly move for the first time.
  • So far, the hardest of my post-PhD resolutions to keep is an unexpected one. TV-free dinners are fairly easy to implement, reading for fun is taking care of itself, etc. But I am finding it hard to get an hour in the yard each week. Between my energy levels and physical restrictions (e.g., not climbing on the roof to clean the gutters) and the shortening daylight hours, I'm only managing about 15 minutes.
  • I've actually got a reading for pleasure post in my head for tomorrow. Let's see if I manage to get it written.
  • Tomorrow my advisor (who has been out of town since my defense) and I are meeting to discuss my post-doc work load, etc. I think I need to write a position description, but right now I am too brain-dead to do so.
  • Crap, I just realized that S and I didn't establish who was going to pick up our shared veggies today. Phew, she's home and she's going to do it.
  • I missed the season premiere of Gilmore Girls last week and I'm looking forward to tonight's episode as much to see how the new writers manage as to how the plot has progressed.
  • I think I might just call it a day, go home, have a snack, and take a nap until fish gets home.


Writer Chica said...

Isn't that so cool and weird to see your tummy move! It always made me think of the Alien movies.

Good job getting out in the yard for 15 minutes. Now just try for 16 minutes next week.

Can't wait to hear what you have been reading lately.

What kind of veggies do you get at the beginning of October?

mirabel said...

Re: your second bullet point. My Chapter 4 was also pretty long and unfocused, and now, almost 3 months post-defense, we are about to submit after a major revision process. (And low motivation on my part.) So...you definitely have company.

Re: your third bullet point. Yay!!!!

ceresina said...

Because it's important to focus on minutiae...
I am not liking the way the GG staff is handling things. I think they worked out the plot fairly well, but the direction? writing? seems not-as-good.
What did you think?

ScienceWoman said...

Writer Chica - This week we got an acorn squash, two bell peppers, a head of cauliflower, a bunch of carrots, potatoes, and basil.

Mirabel - glad to hear that there is life for the Chapter 4s of the world. Here's hoping your article gets accepted with minimal additional revisions.

Ceresina - Obviously, minutiae are the really important things in life. I was really disappointed in the writing of this episode - the banter seemed forced, the references were anything but obscure, and don't even get me started on Lane being pregnant after having sex once with a condom. Come on!
OTOH, I really enjoyed the premiere of Veronia Mars - I'm new to that show and I'm thinking that VM may turn out to be the highlight of Tuesday night TV. And fish is with me on all of the above.