Monday, October 09, 2006

I get a kick out of you.

Times when I get kicked by Mini:
  • when I am hungry
  • when I have just eaten
  • when my bladder is full
  • when I have just emptied my bladder
  • when I lie in bed trying to fall asleep
  • when I roll over at night
  • when I bend myself to an acute angle
  • when I watch TV
  • when I read a book
  • when I sit at the computer
Times when I don't get kicked by Mini:
  • when I have just taken a shower (the warmth causes sleepiness?)
  • when I am walking the dog or being active
  • when I am feeling kicks and offer to let someone else feel them
  • when I am sound asleep (at least I don't feel them then).
When I comment on how active Mini is, some people seem to interpret it as something that must be uncomfortable or annoying. Sure, it may be a bit uncomfortable at times, but it's nothing compared to what it will be. And it's incredibly reassuring to feel the kid moving around in there. Plus, I keep thinking how easy it is to deal with Mini now, safely tucked away inside of me, as compared to when he/she is outside in the big scary world and equipped with a powerful set of lungs for crying.

Lately people have been noticing than I am pregnant and commenting that I seem quite large for my due date. On the other hand, an almost equal population of people doesn't notice that I am pregnant and when made aware of it, they will ask when I am due and then say that I am quite small for being this far along.

I guess it's all a matter of perspective.


Writer Chica said...

So glad to hear that Mini is keeping you company often. Even when the kicks hurt, I was so glad to feel my babies moving.

I discovered that when I was pregnant and now with kids, that there are way more assuming and rude comments from people I know and from strangers than before kids. Not sure why that happens.

turtlebella said...

When my mom was 7 months pregnant with me I stopped moving and freaked her out really badly. I started up again after a day or so, who knows, I guess I was just taking an extended rest? So yes, I imagine it is nice to feel Mini moving around! :)

Annie said...

About the upcoming uncomfortableness: you don't remember it, or at least it becomes less in your head. You'll remember how scary it was when you first realized that Mini was coming RIGHT THIS MINUTE, and how it seemed like the ride to the hospital took FOREVER, but the pain? That part gets dulled in your memory. I'd do it all again tomorrow if I could.

AAYOR said...

It took me a long time to get used to the kicks, but even longer to get over them once Bug was born. I missed it!

But, I guess the only thing better than kicking from the inside is kicking from the outside. :-)

Anonymous said...

i am also a scientist and a woman and just found out i am preggers with child.
take care

Anonymous said...

About the comments:
Are you suggesting that some people offer strongly held (and wildly divergent) opinions on other people's pregnancies? I don't believe it.

Just remind yourself how much you paid for the advice of the lady standing behind you at the bus stop...

Or just ask her for a fag and a martini.

pierdolapaciencia said...

I don't have babies myself, but what I've always heard from elder ladies is: enjoy every moment, when you realize, kids are grown up and flown away the nest...