Thursday, October 26, 2006

Appreciating the beauty of everyday

I managed to sneak out of the office this afternoon and enjoy a rare late fall, sunny, crisp day. I had errands to do downtown and in every store the salespeople were helpful, friendly, and interested. The lady at the quilt store recognized S and I, was amazed that we were done with the last project (a group quilt for MicrobeGirl's baby), praised our fabric choices, and encouraged me to bring in this quilt when it is finished. I dropped off my dissertation to be bound and one of the women there asked me how I got interested in -ology. When I told her, she and the other clerk told me about their experiences with -ology. The shoe saleslady was patient as I tried on 10 pairs of black slip-on shoes and agreed to let me take home a pair to try out for a day or two. These interactions in locally owned stores in Utopia's downtown reminded me why I like this city so much.

Then I went home and was greeted by an enthusiastic PrincessPup. We went out to mosey through the field near our house, gaze at the fall colors, marvel at the textures of fallen leaves and dried grass, and soak in the sun and the smells of fall.

When I got back to our yard, I noticed two late-blooming roses. One merely a bud. In the full size photo, you can see that a spider has made a cobweb from the tip of the bud to the leaves down the stem.

This afternoon was a good reminder to me to appreciate the subtle yet amazing sights, sounds, smells, and interactions of everyday. I hope that I can carry this sense of appreciation and joy into the days ahead.


ceresina said...

Pretty pretty! And still so nice to have your dissertation dropped off for binding. :-)

Anonymous said...

nice fabrics! very colorful :) For a Mini quilt?

Shrilatha Puthi said...

hey Doc, nice to see something else than ur regular thesis, work, n office stuff!! enjoyed reading it. do this thingy often, it's good for both u n Mini..

Sonnjea B said...

What a lovely day!

Writer Chica said...

Sounds like a beautiful, much-needed day for you. The weather here was just gorgeous today. Could be the last nice day before it gets cold and stays cold, so the kids and I went to the park. We must have spent 20 minutes just on the swings. The joy and laughter from Boy in Yellow and Chicita is so very heartwarming, as though my heart will just burst.