Saturday, October 07, 2006

A1 and A2 and bonus

A1: As of the time of this post, Thin Ice had pulled ahead of Water Follies by a small margin. As soon as I finish my current book (John Muir's Mountaineering Essays) I'll move on to story of Lonny Thompson's work recovering ice cores from alpine (including tropical alpine) glaciers threatened by global warming. A couple people commented that these books didn't sound like much fun - well, I think they are. Or at least interesting - and a nice contrast from the escapist fantasy I had been reading. It pays to be at least somewhat up-to-speed on the science that makes the news (even if it is outside my field), so that when someone asks me to express a learned opinion I can attempt to do so. And getting my facts from a well-written "popular" science book is a lot more fun than trying to read journal articles.

A2: Let's just say I am environmental scientist of one stripe or another. I do work in one corner of the environmental arena, but my personal interests are much more diverse. So I am just as apt (or more apt) to blog about a news story or article outside of my actual specialty than to write about the things I am paid to think about. Also, I wanted to know whether any of you had figured out who I was based on my blog - and I got my answer. I don't think this info is really going to change anything that I blog about on a day-to-day basis. And I haven't decided whether I am going to prune my archives - I was thinking about doing that anyway to mark the transition to a new chapter in my life.

A3: Anonymous wrote "Do you have the order 1. scientist 2. woman or 1. woman 2. scientist?" I am not entirely sure what anon was asking, but I guess I'd have to say that I view scientist as a modifer of woman. I was born a female, but I chose to become a scientist. Would it matter if I had answered differently?


turtlebella said...

huh, well I've no idea who you are in real life. But I'm not an environmental scientist. Perhaps if you were an evolutionary biologist or evolutionary ecologist (which is what I am) I might be able to figure out who you are from your blog...

Saoirse said...

That book sounds pretty interesting. I'm (shamefully) pretty ignorant about environmental science. Perhaps I'll get something on my next library trip. :)

JLynnette said...

You're a woman, a scientist, and a mother-to-be. I don't have to know your name to enjoy reading your blog.

PhD Mom said...

Sorry so late. Congratulations on your defense! I have so been there, and I can't tell you how much it pleases me to see your transition in action from student to postdoc. You are definitely headed the right direction. Also, I still get a bit addled when people call me Dr. PhDMom or worse yet professor. I will probably never get used to that. I still think of myself, as well, me. Good luck!

pierdolapaciencia said...

haha. You made me laugh with what you wrote. It is surely like you say. I think it's the same worldwide! It happend to my sister in law in a South American country!!

I enjoy every piece of your stories (the ones that I happen to read, as you post so often, I sometimes miss some of them).

All the best, enjoy your pregnancy, it's a wonderful time. As you said, he/she'll come well equiped with a powerful set of lungs :))

my warmest wishes,