Wednesday, September 13, 2006

wow busy

As things are wont to do when my advisor is around, the past couple of days have been a whirlwind. I've got an almost completed longer post but I just thought I'd drop a separate to note to say that I'm feeling in less of a transitional funk than last week, having fun with a few day work-related distraction, and that our OB said this morning that everything looked great on the ultrasound and that I am measuring right on schedule.

Oh, and after some last minute administrative mumbo jumbo, I officially start my post-doc on Monday. 3 days before my defense. Doesn't really mean anything as I don't anticipate really switching gears until the end of the month, but it does mean a better paycheck and some benefits a few weeks earlier than I had been planning.


Rose Connors said...

It's serious countdown time now. I'm very excited for you just thinking about it. Glad the OB report is good. Are you feeling good? Adjusting well to that hormone surge?

Dr. Mon said...

Here here to checks and benefits!! Best wishes on the upcoming defense--I'm so excited for you!!

Writer Chica said...

Happy Anniversary tomorrow!

Dang, september is just flying by! your defense is in a week! (like you weren't aware of that)

Glad to hear Mini is doing great!

Sicilian said...

Yeah. . ultra sound good. . . money getting better. . .way to go Science gal. . . to be Doc Science Gal.

ceresina said...

Woo-hoo! Benefits! :-)