Thursday, September 14, 2006

Should I? Would you? (allow ads)

Currently, you are viewing an ad free blog. But if I take the offer I got over email today there would be an ad somewhere on this page.

"I currently work at [a british insurance company] in the marketing team, and I am constantly looking at ways to divert traffic through to our websites. I was wondering if you would be willing to have a text link to one of our sites from your blog page on the side menu. This would not require any images or banners, and would be just text. Please let me know if this would be possible, as we would be willing to pay $30 for this.
Marketing Assistant
An English Insurance Company"

I could use the cash to buy businessman a nicer birthday present. But it seems kind of random. What do you think?


Dr. Brazen Hussy said...

Interesting. I got the same email, except they offered $40. Hmmm.

elwood city said...

I'm in favor. Leverage Dr. Brazen Hussy's offer to get more money, first. I promise to not be offended by the commercialism. FISH deserves a good present, right?

Rose Connors said...

I certainly wouldn't be above such a thing myself. I say go for it. I'll even click on it, if it gets you more money.

sheepish said...

Many people got that spam. I promise to be offended by commercialism. I tend to stop reading personal blogs that have money-making ads.

yami mcmoots said...

$30 a month? Or just $30? How long do they expect you to leave the link up? Seeing as how I've got Google AdWhore on my blog I can hardly be offended when others decide to commercialize, but that offer seems sketchy.

RageyOne said...

I got the same one paying $40/month. I promptly deleted it.

inkette anne said...

I say if it's spam, trash it. If it's for real, go for it. It probably won't bother your readers much and you'll make enough to pay for pizza night once a month. A whole brand spanking new pizza. That's a major score in my books.

phd me said...

I got that same email today ($40 though) and promptly deleted it. Why would anyone reading my blog click on a link for an English insurance company?

brother said...

I'm sure that once you agree to do it they will want to wire transfer you the money. That means bank account information and other things.

ScienceWoman said...

I think I am going to ignore the email. It was a poorly defined offer. Was the $30 a one time thing or monthly? How long do I need to keep the link up? Sure, it's just text but how big a font and how garish? And as phd me said, why would anyone reading my blog want to click on the ad. Now if someone gave me an detailed offer and the product was something that I would support, I think it would be much more attractive. Thanks for offering all of your opinions. They helped me reaffirm my gut reaction.

pierdolapaciencia said...

Hi, I've sporadically been following your blog, which I really enjoy reading. I identify a lot with what you write.

As for the ad issue, I wouldn't do it myself. I don't know why I always am suspicious of thigs like that... I tend to mistrust generous offers.

Good luck,

liketothelark said...


A few thoughts:

Is it a real insurance company?

Answer to "why would anyone reading my blog click on an ad for an English insurance company?"

Answer to the English part - some English residents read the blog :) Including me :-)

But I would think most people reading this blog and looking for insurance would google a few companies, maybe check out Which listings, and wouldn't be persuaded by the link - unless specific - e.g. insurance for academics/students.

I'd click on a link which related to cool things I'd be interested in but might not see elsewhere, or which came with a personal recommendation. E.g. Books, clothing, music, gadgets, outdoor things, baby stuff (not for me at the moment though!). Stuff which is topic related.

E.g. I love my Crocs sandals.for cooking in and might link them on my site for money (I might post a link in a post to them anyway, I like them so much) Much as you do with occasional baby-stuff posts.