Thursday, September 07, 2006


I took the day off. Walked the pup. Got a wonderful wonderful massage (Becky, your hands work miracles) and a pedicure. I came home ate leftover soup (w/ eggplant, zuchini, bell pepper and tomatoes), and finished reading The Subtle Knife (gripping but somewhat frustrating). I took a nap, straightened my bookshelf, and took the pup to play in the park. I ate some rich ice cream, caught up on your blogs, and now I am contemplating whether to have more soup for dinner or to actually make something else. I needed this day. It feels naughty to take a weekday off, but also richly deserved.

I also wanted to share with you some of the new-to-me music I discovered on Pandora while in the final dissertation throes. What I couldn't get for free (and legal) on myspace, I bought on iTunes. And now I have a CD full of wonderful folk-rock-pop women to commemorate this time of my life.
  • release me - fall of snow
  • Some Things Get Lost - Alice Peacock
  • let it go - bluehouse
  • In this Room - Leslie Tucker
  • Heaven is a Word - Carla Werner
  • What I wouldn't Give - Holly Brook
  • Genius - The Murmurs
  • Something more than this - October Project
  • Black Butterfly - Patti Witten
  • In the Rough - Anna Nalick
Hopefully tomorrow I can return to the defense preparations fully recharged. And humming a new tune.


Writer Chica said...

You so deserved a day like this. I am in awe that you can let go of work completely for a day and really relax. (I always kept thinking I had to do a little something and my whole relaxing day would be shot.)

That looks like some yummy ice cream!

I can just hear your deep refreshing breath reading this.

Rose Connors said...

I'm so pleased that you treated yourself to a relaxing day. You sound rejuvenated and ready to push ahead.

Sicilian said...

Science gal. . . what a great day you gave yourself. . . a massage and a pedicure. . . does it get any better.

Pam said...

Sounds like a day well deserved! Looks like you picked up some great music. I love Pandora!

turtlebella said...

This is so great that you took a day off! It's hard to remind our acade-mania selves that we too deserve something like this. Finishing writing is a huge deal, after all. And this kind of relaxing will only help you be prepared for the defense. Always always always better to take a break up front rather than work work work and collapse from exhaustion, which has happened to all too many people I know (one had a doctor ORDER him to take a vacation!).

Thanks for the new music ideas. I hadn't heard of any of 'em, I lean toward the women-folk-alt. country side of things but perhaps I am missing something here. By the way, on your recommendation I tried Pandora and I love it!!!!

ScienceWoman said...

turtlebella - try Alice Peacock. she is definitely folk-country. Also the be good tanyas if you don't already know them. I've got a country bent myself on occasion.

everyone - thanks for encouraging me to take a break. I feel much better today.

Stacey said...

I will certainly check out a few of the artists mentioned on Itunes. Its funny, often I find a song that resonates with me so deeply that it becomes associated with a year/time of my life(or in other words, I play it like a lunatic to keep me on track, lol). Glad to read there are others who apply a "soundtrack" to their current circumstance.

glad you took a day off! :)