Friday, September 15, 2006

the key to productivity having all the blogger bloglines feeds not work and then accidentally closing your email for several hours.

Of course, now my email is back open and I am dealing with the inundation that occurred in the meantime. And, eventually, the feeds will start working again and I will have all of your posts to catch up on.

But in the meantime, I outline my defense talk for my advisor, started working on a revised figure, bought a CD on ebay, added movies to my blockbuster cue, and contemplated whether it would be warmer at home on this cold rainy afternoon.

I guess those last things aren't strictly productive, though, are they?


jo(e) said...

Yeah, I am thinking I need to just turn off the airport setting on my computer one of these days so that I will actually get some work done ....

Rose Connors said...

All I could manage during the blackout was shopping. I would be wealthier if Bloglines worked!