Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Women in Science Update

From the blogs:
No nym has a guest post over at Bitch PhD on the follies of one of the female characters on MythBusters.
Yami has a post on publication and citation rates of female earthquake engineers.
Propter Doc has another take on the responses to Ben Barres' Nature article.
Skookumchick points us to an article in the Economist on "The Mismeasure of a Woman."
YoungFemaleScientist tips us off about an editorial in Nature Structural and Molecular Biology about a woman professor and her career struggles.
twf recounts her recent general exam experience and muses on how academia self-selects for those with no outside responsbilities.

From the news:

L'Oreal has announced its 2007 competition for postdoctoral fellowships for women in science. It's pretty nice to see a cosmetic company advancing real women and the fellowships sound pretty nice. They have a pretty snazzy website too. Applications are due October 31st.
A self-promoting press release from West Virginia University nonetheless highlights the rapidly growing number of women in Forensic Science.
A recent study has shown that boys and girls would prefer to tackle different subjects in their science curriculum: "When asked what they would prefer to learn about in science classes, female British respondents in an international research project said they were more interested in learning about health-related issues, while boys favoured "destructive technologies and events". ... However, King's College London chairman of science education Professor Jonathan Osborne said school science curriculums mostly focused on the subjects the males were interested in..."
The Subaru Outstanding Woman in Science award for 2006 went to Elizabeth Cochran, who's PhD research focused on earthquakes. This award is given by the Geological Society of America each year to a young woman who's doctoral research has had a significant impact on the field. I'll be expecting Yami to get it in a few years.
Nancy Olliver Gray, president of Hollins University, issues a call for a movement for women in math in science and calls on women's colleges to take a lead role.

Spotlight Blog:
This week I'd like to highlight Dr. Mom, My Adventures as a Mommy-Scientist. She's newly on the tenure-track "with two kids and a husband in tow." Lately she's been describing her adventures setting up her new lab space and trying to get proposals written. She also had a really fantastic series on getting your first paper written (pay attention, Holly!) that she was working on when I was working on my first paper. She was also the first woman science blogger I found - it's hard to believe I joined this community less than a year ago.

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Good luck with the defense.