Thursday, August 03, 2006

Veggie Box Blogging

(No I haven't written in my thesis yet today.)

Last week's plentiful purple veggies yielded us scalloped eggplant, steamed chard, green beans and bacon, sauteed zuchini and summer squash, and sliced tomato with basil.

This week our box contained: lettuce, red onion, blueberries, tomatoes, white carrots, cilantro, cucumber, squash, green pepper, green beans, corn, spinach, potatoes, and sweet onions.

The corn on the cob is gone (with 45 minutes of arriving home). The blueberries are being consumed by the bowlful, and last night we finished last week's chard. Next up: green bean casserole (it's a midwestern hotdish), tutlebella's Portuguese potatoes with cilantro, and undoubtedly some tomato and cucumber salad. I'll have to admit that I haven't been doing so well on the lettuce front this summer; the pregnancy has meant that I often can't eat very much by dinnertime and raw greens are just an inefficient way of getting me the calories I need. Oh well, last summer we lived on salad.


Saoirse said...

Sounds like you have some tasty stuff in store.

Avoiding lettuce sounds like a good idea. There's always next year for salads. ;)

Writer Chica said...

Yummy! Corn on the cob! This weekend is the corn feed. I'll eat a few ears for you.

I'm so jealous of your veggie box. I hope I can get my act together early enough next year to sign up for CSA.

sicilian said...

Have you tried mango salsa. . . great way to use up cilantro. . . gets you lots of vitamins. . .it is so yummy. . . you will want more.

sassinak said...

i think your body knows damm well what it wants to eat... just listen to it.


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