Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Two weeks notice

Two weeks from today my dissertation must go to my committee and all of the appropriate paperwork must go to the graduate school. I am making incremental progress, though not at the speed I had hoped.
  • Write Abstract
  • Write Acknowledgements
  • Write "Contributions of Authors"
  • Compile Table of Contents
  • Finish writing Introduction chapter and draft and format Figs 1-3
  • Get reprint permission from publisher of Chapter 2
  • Complete revisions on Chapter 3 from A, C, S
  • Get and complete revisions on Chapter 4 from G, S, S
  • Get and complete revisions on Conclusions chapter from G
  • Compile and format bibliography
  • Compile and format appendix
  • Proofread pre-text, intro, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, conclusions
  • Format chapters uniformly
  • Format Chapter 3 figures
  • Format Chapter 4 figures
  • Compile complete PDF and paginate
  • Send to committee
In my defense, in the past day or two, I've also filled out the paperwork to be paid hourly for September (my fellowship is up), found out what I need to do before I can officially start my post-doc, gotten the exit forms from my department, helped make a figure for a paper on which I'm 5th author, watched Serenity (there's a female mechanic) , and eaten too much pizza.


skookumchick said...

You go you go, rah rah rah! Hooray! Keep it going!!

Sonnjea B said...

I have been enjoying your blog since I came across it as a "Blog of Note". I am a non-sciencey woman married to a very sciencey man beginning the pursuit of his Ph.D. (He got his masters years ago; now he's taking time off from his career to go to school full time). I shared your list of how to finish in a reasonable time (and the comments) with him, and he was thankful for the advice.

Good luck with all you have left to accomplish!

Writer Chica said...

good luck with all the formatting. I always found that part to be tedious and annoying.

Will you be able to take a little time off after all this?