Wednesday, August 09, 2006

This girl needs a list

Credit to profgrrrl for the title phrase.

What's left to do on Paper 3 before daring to show it to anyone else.

  1. Expand the paragraph where I state the purpose of the whole darn paper
  2. Add two-three sentences at the end of the introduction to tie it back to my work. Also need to define some terms I'll be using throughout.
  3. I can't have a one sentence paragraph at the beginning of my methods, can I?
  4. Need a sentence or two comparing one of my results to those from "classic" environments or models.
  5. Crap, I still need a reference there. Either I find one or the whole dang paragraph falls apart.
  6. Two paragraphs in my results are filled with facts but don't seem to lead anywhere. Need good concluding sentences.
  7. Go to library and track down that reference that a friend from the east suggested (thanks, friend!) but include her abstract as a citation anyways. ETA: Aw, hell, her abstract is just fine for this draft.
  8. Need to create, add, and reference a figure 1c.
  9. Get the hanging indent to work in the references section. Make sure the in text citations are correct (should that comma be there?). Make sure the ref format in end note is generally correct. See style guide on S's desk.
That seems do-able for tomorrow right? I just need to write some creative, big picture sentences and sort out some minor details. I'd love to get it done tomorrow, because then I'll be right on schedule despite all my hand-wringing last week.

Although I haven't given any specifics about my paper topic away, it seems like its the sort of list that every paper is left with at the end. Don't you agree?


bqiu said...

Its always helpful to lay out what still needs to be accomplished to extend an idea. I just wrapped up writing a manuscript for a journal submission, and I found myself writing for hours trying to emphasize my findings with the right balance of references. Although I'm still in my undergraduate studies, I can sympathize with your feelings. Just keep putting your thoughts onto that computer screen--that's the beauty of a delete button. Best of luck.

twf said...

Yep. I just sent off a conference paper to the other three co-authors yesterday, and I was doing the same stuff for the last couple of days. Find a reference for this, fix that, make the layout better so the table isn't overlapping the figure, write "transition sentences." Although before that, I was responding to a suggestion of a co-author by generating new results! So what if it's due in three days, I can run new experiments, right? Sigh.

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