Wednesday, August 09, 2006

RBOC: T - 28 days

  • I've been working on the railroad all the live long day. (err, I mean the dissertation). Actually, I feel like I am making progress. If you ignore a few places where I have notes to myself to "write a few more sentences here" then I have a mostly complete draft of my third paper.
  • Re: someone's comment when I last posted on my (lack of) progress. At this university, you can turn in your thesis in "manuscript document format." Basically you have 3+ manuscripts on a common theme, bracketed by an intro and conclusion to tie them together. Manuscripts do not already have to be published or submitted, although they can be. They merely have to be deemed ~ready for submission by your committee. So, I refer to my major chapters as "papers" because, in the end, that's what they will be. The intro and conclusions only have to be a few pages each and I haven't started writing them yet.
  • I'm thinking about getting a co-sleeper. Anybody got any reccs? Or a used one for cheap in the PNW?
  • We have to have huge margins on all of our pages - resulting in a useable space of <6>
  • Latest sign of a growing belly: Endangered Species chocolate ending up on my lap, not my chair. This might be a good thing for overall cleanliness of my office, but it's still a shame that it smeared.
  • I'm in love with EndNote 9. I upgraded from 6 just before starting on this paper, and its making me have faith in the program once again, in terms of its utility for actually formatting your refs correctly. It's reference styles are much more complete and up-to-date, more easily editable (at least on my network), and it lets you edit in-text citations easily to take out the author name or add e.g., e.g,. I hope my good feelings about it last, because this paper has a doozy of a ref list.
  • I got a haircut. It's wonderful. Probably lost about 4". Absolutely nobody has noticed (or at least commented).
  • S and my advisor are still gone. Bigwig funding guy for a project they've been working on (or rather advoiding working on) just came by to find them, threatening not to pay them because he hasn't seen a product yet (months overdue). It's $ on the order of 10^5, and we're already having a money crunch around here, but there's nothing I can (or should do). It's just another reminder to me on how I don't want to run my lab.
  • My advisor will be here for all of 2 days before my thesis is due to my committee. How the hell is he supposed to give me helpful feedback before then. Why does he have to be gone the entire month?
  • Very few people comment on my women in science updates. Are they read? Are they interesting? Are they worth my time? Would it help if they were on a regular schedule, sort of like birds in the news?
  • Like how I worked a bit of pregnancy info into an otherwise academic post? That's what pregnancy brain will do for you.


Propter Doc said...

Oh I like the women in science updates - but I don't often comment because I'm off following the links to the pages you're talking about. You're probably too busy to worry about them on a schedule and I don't think it matters when you do them. I think they are great.
I hope your advisor is in email contact with you at least?
Before I submitted my thesis my advisor sat on my desk one Friday (at around 4 pm) and said 'so I will read chapter 6 by Monday. When do you think you will be finished writing?' He fell of the table when I said that Monday was too late, the thesis would be finished by 6 pm that very Friday. He was signing the examination copy on the Monday having read about 2 of 8 chapters.
So I guess I mean that you're probably more of an expert on your stuff than the advisor is so don't add to the stress chasing him.

Rose Connors said...

I like the women in science blogs and always read them although I am usually too lazy to follow the links unless something really catches my eye. It is my sorry excuse for not staying informed on my own.

twf said...

I also enjoy the women in science updates, but I tend to comment once I get to the sources themselves, rather than to you.

Holly said...

I like the women in science updates too, and like the others I don't comment because I'm off following the links. I would never remember to check in on a particular day; I like being surprised.

Writer Chica said...

If I get a chance I follow the links too. I don't comment cause I don't have the energy to really enter into any discussion about it, but I like reading about stuff that I don't get any other way.

bummer about the smeared chocolate. Was it dark chocolate? When I got 8-9 months pregnant I could hold a plate on my belly. lots of fun.

great job on that third paper.

ScienceWoman said...

Well, it's gratifying to know that people are reading the updates. It's really not that much work, but it's nice to feel appreciated. And now that I know people are busy following links, I'll stop worrying about it.

And Writer Chica - don't congratulate on me on the third paper until it passes the bullshit test from one of the coauthors.

Kelly said...

I'm new here, reading for a couple of weeks and wanted to comment.

First of all, Endangered Species chocolate is greatness. I had the Grizzly Bar (bittersweet chocolate with raspberries) and was in heaven.

Second of all, I have checked out the Women in Science links, especially because I'm a woman in science myself. I've got to admit though, you've got more guts than I do, going for your Ph.D. Best of luck to you!

skookumchick said...

I know I'm late to the party, but I like the updates too. I'm usually just not sure how to comment. Please keep writing them -- I keep up to date through them! ;-) Thank you for making the effort.

psychgrad said...

I'm thinking of writing my disseration manuscript document format. Are you glad that you wrote/are writing it that way? Any pros or cons?

Emily said...

I am a huge fan of the women in science updates, but in general don't comment much on any blog... please don't take it personally, and please keep posting the updates if it's not too much work. As for a schedule, they'll appear in my rss aggregator whenever you write them. :)

I just found out that my advisor will be in Norway the whole semester I'm supposed to be finishing (next spring). Whee! :P I guess there will be a lot of back and forth by email...