Monday, August 14, 2006


Yesterday, BusinessMan and I bought a package of Dove chocolates, and I've had about 4 of them so far. The foil wrapper of each chocolate includes a "Promise" message on the inside. Two of my chocolates have contained the message: "Don't think about it so much."

That message has so many dimensions for me right now. It could mean that I need to stop agonizing over each sentence and each word of my thesis and just get the draft finished. It could mean that I need to stop worrying that the doctor will find something wrong at my next OB appointment (in an hour or so). It could mean that I should stop stressing over finding the perfect stroller, especially since the kid won't use it for 6 months after he/she is born. It could mean that I need to stop getting frustrated at the growing pile of dirty dishes in the kitchen and just recognize that I am doing what I can do and that Businessman has a different housekeeping style than I. It could mean that I need to stop counting the hours until my thesis draft is due and just work on writing it.

That's all.

ETA: Apparently, the real meaning of the messages was "Better keep them out of the Pup's reach or she'll devour them all." Which she did while we were at the Dr.'s office. Speaking of such things, Mini's heart's beating 145 beats per minute and our "big" ultrasound is scheduled for two days after my thesis gets turned in.


post-doc said...

I love Dove chocolates! Now I want some.

My puppy ate a pound of M&Ms the first Christmas I had her. She was hyper, but otherwise fine. But that's been the end of her adventures with chocolate.

Yay for the good ultrasound (right? I'm not positive)! And go, fight, win on the thesis! :)

Writer Chica said...

Are you eating Dove Dark chocolates? Those are the best for you, lots of antioxidants. That's from my MiL and she knows cause she reads Prevention magazine. Hope Princess Pup didn't get ill from the chocolates.

Sicilian said...

Science Woman. . . I think you will always worry about your baby. . . it is very normal. . . and think about it. . . you are doing all you can do. . . use paper plates. . . then the dishes go away. . .

PhD Mom said...

1. Cosleeper-A few posts back you asked about a co-sleeper. One word of caution, when my daughter was born, I had these fabulous dreams of us sleeping lazily together. The reality was that I was so nervous every time she hiccuped I woke up and was staring at her. I had to put her in a different room for the first three months just so I could get some rest. After that we did use a co-sleeper. I can't remember what brand, but it was a box that sits in the bed between you and your husband. It was great!

2. Thesis- I am serious when I say that no one, not even your advisor, will read your thesis cover to cover. Please do not spend time thinking about the inplications of each word, no one else will.

3. Stroller- You will probably use a stroller before 6 months. Most infant seats can be purchased with a stroller so that you can click the baby in and out without removing them from the seat. This is really great because they sleep irratically the first few months and you will want to run errands without waking the baby. Also, you can use a stroller in the 'traditional' sense (baby facing forward, leaning only slightly back) as soon as the baby has head control, usually 12 weeks, but my daughter was okay by about 6-8 weeks. We got the Peg perego and really liked them, but now we have a Maclaren (double) and it is even better. The key

PhD Mom said...

(continued) The key is to see how manuverable it is with one hand, because that is how you will be driving it a lot, and how heavy is it, because you will have to carry it in and out of the car many times.

4. Baby- Don't worry chances are very slim that things will go wrong. My sister -in-law is pregnant with her 2nd now. She failed her triple test, and had to have amnio, but everything is fine. So even if you fail one test, the chance that something is really wrong is quite low.