Friday, August 11, 2006

intentions, realities, and asides

Intentions: What I intended to get done:
  1. clean off my desk
  2. apply for the ADVANCE program at Rice
  3. blog substantively
  4. get caught up on professional emails
  5. go swimming
  6. start writing an extended abstract from the conference I attended in June
Realities: What I got done:
  1. cleaned off my desk, though you can hardly tell now
  2. spent the remainder of my $1000 ($550 on books + office supplies and a GPS)
  3. talked with my undergrad, a friend, and a visiting colleague
  4. applied to the ADVANCE program
  5. went over co-authors comments on Paper 2 with S (a coauthor)
  6. read blogs, read pregnancy bulletin boards
  1. Did anyone else apply for the advance program? What did you think about the question that asked why you wanted to attend? I was very tempted to write something like "Because it would be good for me, damn it!" But I didn't. Instead my answer referenced the offered sessions and how they related to my job search, etc. And mentioned networking. What would a good answer to a question like that look like?
  2. Yes, I realize that my posts now include more gentle cuss words than my gentle readers may be accustomed. I blame that impending dissertation doom and the overall macho culture of my field where swearing is part of every day field experiences (though that really hasn't changed as of late.) If you are offended, I apologize.
  3. Free grad school survival kits available online.
  4. I really loved this headline in Science this week: "NSF wants PIs to mentor their post-docs." Funny, I always thought that the supposed justification for post-docs was that they were to give the post-docs most experience and presumably that involves some level of mentoring. But apparently I've been delusional. It really is about cheap labor after all.


Saoirse said...

It sounds like you got quite a bit done, even if the intentions and realities didn't match up perfectly.

I hope the Advance thing works out.

Writer Chica said...

ooohhhh, swimming sounds wonderful. Hope you get a chance to go soon. When you get lots bigger, swimming is really awesome. I loved just floating when I was pregnant.

There was a bit of swearing in my field too. I don't swear too much anymore (not that I ever was a potty mouth). I think it must be the kids or maybe I just don't have to deal with instruments breaking on me anymore.

twf said...

I'm writing my ADVANCE application right now. I have no idea what to write for that "why do you want to attend" part. Cuz I want a job, dumbasses! And now, so I can meet ScienceWoman (who I am sure will protect my identity, right?) I'll probably write random stuff about how great it will be to network with other women in engineering and the sciences. Good idea to reference the sessions; let me take a look at that.

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