Tuesday, August 29, 2006

gotta love those administrative people

To me: We have just received an invoice from Staples charged to ..., 8/5/06. Could you please explain the purchases for me to code them: tower cd mesh small black, 50 pk slim jewel case 4, thesis paper white, 3tab folders, hanging folder, staples."

My reply: "Generally all of these things fall under "office supplies" purchased to help me organize the final stage of my dissertation writing and get it printed out.

Specifically. The "tower CD mesh small black" is a container for holding CDs. Currently it is holding about 25 CDs containing backups of data files and presentations. The 50 pk of slim jewel cases is for holding all those CDs that get made while backing up data, etc. The thesis paper is for printing my thesis for the library copies. 3tab folders and hanging folders are for organizing journal articles and paper files. I don't remember purchasing staples, I think that is the name of the store. :)"

I think this tops the time I had to explain to the same person that I bought topographic maps so that I wouldn't get lost when hiking in to remote field sites.


Sicilian said...

Science gal. . . your administrative assistant person is just trying to justify their job. Also administrative assistant person needs something to do, and going over your receipt with such diligence makes administrative person feel good about watching the rising costs of academia. You should feel proud to have assisted administrative person with the immediate uplift of their ego.

hypatia said...

Our business office is worried about being audited so we have to justify all purchases. I have a colleague who uses things like straw and ice cream and playdough as stimuli for a task. It's a lot of fun to go rounds with the business office over those because they "don't pay for food" and ca't quite understand how all of these things relate to the same experiment.

turtlebella said...

goofy bureauracacy...and usually due to some computer software where they have to code everything...urgh. like this is a good use of your time! anyway, hope the revising is going well...you are in home stretch now!!!

Writer Chica said...

hehe that's funny.