Friday, August 25, 2006

11 days left, what more to say?

Lately, I've largely been blogging under the assumption that if you can't say something substantial, it's better to say nothing at all. Which is to say that I have not been blogging as much as normal. This trend is compounded by the fact that the thought of any extra time in front of my computer is totally unappealing. But now it is 6 pm on Friday, and I am about to leave my office having had a fairly productive day.

Here's the vital stats:
  • Write abstract
  • Write acknowledgements - need to add funding sources
  • Write "Contributions of Authors"
  • Compile Table of Contents
  • Finish writing Introduction chapter and draft and format Figs 1-3
  • Get reprint permission from publisher of Chapter 2
  • Complete revisions on Chapter 3 from A, C, S
  • Get and complete revisions on Chapter 4 from G, S, S
  • Get and complete revisions on Conclusions chapter from G
  • Compile and format bibliography
  • Compile and format appendix
  • Proofread pre-text, intro, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, conclusions
  • Format chapters uniformly
  • Format Chapter 3 figures - still need to fix one minor thing in Table 2
  • Format Chapter 4 figures
  • Compile complete PDF and paginate
  • Send to committee
Tomorrow, I embark on the quest to fix Chapter 4. Naturally, I still don't have any comments back from my advisor and my co-advisor so helpfully gave me some comments without actually reading the paper (at least I know what he thinks I should emphasize). But S had some great suggestions for reorganizing the paper that should help the reader out. So I'll take her suggestions and those of the co-advisor and proceed. And I think I'll take Sunday off, because without more input from my advisor on the intro, conclusions or Chapter 4, I really can't make much more progress. It's a funny sort of hurry-up-stress-out and then wait cycle I am in right now, and I can't wait to get out of it. 11 more days. 11 more days. And then maybe I'll get my life back.

I'm going home.


turtlebella said...

Advisors...what can you say. Love 'em, hate 'em! You should absolutely take Sunday off. Important for mental and emotional health. When I was studying for my comps my friends would kidnap me to take me to dinner or a movie because it's just not that good for you to work all the time. By the time I was finishing up I'd probably learned that lesson a little too well!

EthidiumBromide said...

Thanks for the complement on my new template - blogger tags are so annoying. Hope the writing is going quickly, good luck!

Quantico said...

I just found this blog some weeks ago. Really cool stuff! Plenty of interesting points of view,advices and links.

Well, as we say in France "Bon Courage" with the writing.